How to Check and Know Your Nexttel Number (Code)

 Many Nexttel Cameroon subscribers often find it challenging to check and know their Nexttel Cameroon numbers saved or attached to their SIM cards. This can be a big hurdle if you want to activate a data bundle on Nexttel.

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With many Cameroonians and foreigners using these SIM cards in modems these days, I thought it best to create this complete guide on how to verify your Nexttel SIM card number in Cameroon.

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How to Check and Know Your Nexttel Number?

To check and know your Nexttel Cameroon SIM card number, do the following:

  1. Dial the code * 600 #.
  2. Press OK to send the request.
  3. Your Nexttel Cameroon sim number will be displayed in the dialog box. Congratulations, this is your Nexttel Cameroon number.

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