Family Cord Blood Banking in Cameroon

 Family Cord Blood Banking in Cameroon is not a familial topic among patients or healthcare providers in Cameroon.

What is Family Cord Blood Banking?

Family cord blood banking involves the process in which parents pay a private bank to store their baby's cord blood to have access to the stem cells in case of need. 

Usually, family cord blood banks store additional types of newborn stem cells, such as cord tissue. A family bank has a cord blood banking laboratory to provide this service. Some family banks market their services to parents in multiple countries. 

Is Family Cord Blood Banking Available in Cameroon?

No, family cord banking is not available in Cameroon. No laboratory in the country currently offers this novel service. However, Next Biobank in neighboring Nigeria offers a cord blood banking storage facility.

Moreover, any laboratory which stores cord blood must meet the accreditation standards. The labs, if licensed, release therapies and units of cord blood to treat patients. 

Furthermore, therapy numbers with 'NO *' are for family clients, whereas therapy numbers 'WITH *' are transplants from a public bank that shares the same laboratory as the family bank. There are also prices for the first year and the long-term storage fee. 

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