Droid VPN Configuration File Download: High Speed Free Internet Setting 2024

This article provides the Droid VPN Configuration File Download. It also shows network users the High-Speed Free Internet Settings for Droid VPN. These are the latest settings that are actually working in almost all countries.

Droid VPN Networks and Countries

People looking for the best high-speed settings for Droid VPN for Zimbabwe Netone, Orange Uganda, MTN, Orange, Telkom, Cell C, Airtel, Safaricom, Jio, 9Mobile Nigeria, etc. can download the config below.

Droid VPN high-speed settings are not that easy to obtain on the internet for specific reasons.

Those that seem to have the working settings do not have any high-speed settings, and some don't even know about it.

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So, we will talk about how to accelerate your Droid VPN speed.

If you still have some questions that you might want to ask, please be sure to let me know in the comments section.

I am always ready to help you with your questions regarding Droid VPN settings. Just be sure to let me know.

These settings are verified and are working perfectly. These are high-speed droid VPN settings that are currently working on many devices. 

So if you are having issues with these settings, please comment with your country and device name. 

Droid VPN Configuration File Download: High-Speed Free Internet Setting

  1. First, download the latest version of Droid VPN on the Google Play Store; you can click here. If you already have the latest version application, then precise app data. 
  2. Once done, open the Droid VPN app. 
  3. Click on the three lines on the upper left side. 
  4. Click settings. 
  5. Click HTTP and TCP to configure TCP ports and HTTP headers. 
  6. On remote TCP port, enter 2401
  7. Local TCP port enter 65000
  8. Send HTTP headers on TCP turn on 
  9. Configure HTTP headers (optional)
  10. Url/host: enter your ISP's website URL or  facebook.com
  11. Request Method: CONNECT
  12. Injection Method: Normal
  13. Query Method: None (don't tick anything) 
  14. On Extra headers, tick the following: Online host, User-Agent, Keep-Alive 
  15. Click Generate, Validate, then Save. 
  16. Now Go to Proxy Settings 
  17. Turn on Enable proxy and turn off Enable server as proxy. Proxy Type:  HTTPS (Connect) Proxy Host:, Proxy Port: 3128
  18. On proxy authentication, click on Set proxy HTTP Headers and configure it like this: Url/host: enter your ISP's website URL. Request Method: CONNECT. Injection Method: Normal. Query Method: Leave it like what it is. 
  19. On extra headers, tick the following only: Keep-Alive Generate, Validate, then Save. 
  20. Now go back to VPN Connection settings and turn on the following: Run as root. Use VpnService API Enable Compression. 
  21. And turn off the rest. 
  22. Now go back and click on update servers; data charges may apply. 
  23. Now go back to droid VPN main interface and click start. 
  24. You will see a pop-up that requires you to enter your login credentials. 
  25. Enter your details and hit save login details. 
  26. You can create your own if you do not have a droid VPN username and password. 
  27. After saving your login details, click start again. 
  28. You will see another pop-up asking you to accept that you trust the droid VPN application. 
  29. Click ok. Then set your VPN connection to TCP. 
  30. That's all. Now, choose any server and click the start button to get a high-speed connection on Droid VPN (Gratis).

Droid VPN Configuration File Download

Download these Droid VPN config 1 and config 2 to try it on your App for free internet access.


Droid VPN provides a wonderful unlimited high-speed internet setting. We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive guide.

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