How to Get Free internet on MTN and Zamtel Zambia 2024 Trick

    Getting free internet on MTN and Zamtel Zambia is relatively easy. However, free internet tricks or hacks are usually short-lived and valid until they last.

Temogroup readers in Zambia now have a free unlimited Internet browsing trick they can use for 2024.

How Does the Free Internet on MTN and Zamtel Zambia Work?

The free Internet trick is achieved using Droid VPN, a tunneling app similar to Psiphon Pro. This app provides Zamtel and MTN users free Internet access when appropriately configured. 

This trick's free Internet configuration is relatively simple and does not require much expertise from the end-user. 

No configuration file is required, so these trick settings can be ported to other Android, iOS, and Windows tunneling apps.

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Requirements to Get Free Internet on MTN and Zamtel Zambia

The following are required to obtain free internet access on Zamtel Zambia:

  • An MTN Zambia or Zamtel Zambia sim card with no call credit or internet data.
  • A Smartphone (Android, iOS) or PC.
  • Droid VPN or any tunneling app of your choice.
  • The free configuration settings.

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How to Get Free Internet on MTN and Zamtel Zambia? (2024 Trick)

To get free unlimited internet on Zamtel and MTN Zambia, do the following:

  1. Download the Droid VPN app via this LINK or any other tunneling app you choose.
  2. Install the app and click to open it
  3. Click on Settings and go to UDP settings.
  4. Configure these settings as follows: Auto port scan: Tick; Remote UDP port: 57; Local UDP port: 80;Choose UDP Mode: Mode 1;TCount: 1;RCount: 7.
  5. Click on OK to save the above configuration.
  6. Tap on 'Connect' to browse for free on MTN or Zamtel Zambia (Unlimited internet access).

Disclaimer: This tutorial is provided for educational purposes and alerts ISPs about potential vulnerabilities in their network. Usage is at your own risk.

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