New List of Cameroon Army Generals (Military Generals)

Cameroon army generals are the highest authorities in the nation's military.

Who is an Army General Officer?

A general officer is an officer of high rank in the armies and in some nations' air forces, space forces, and marines or naval infantry.

In Cameroon, "general officer" refers to a rank above colonel.

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New List of Cameroon Army Generals (Military Generals)

The 40 colonels appointed or promoted to the grade of army generals by the President of the Republic of Cameroon are as follows:

  1. Major General Baba Souley, Chief of Staff of the Army
  2. Major General Camille Nkoa Atenga, Comptroller General of the Armed Forces
  3. Major General Philippe Mpay
  4. Vice-Admiral Guillaume Ngouah Ngally, Inspector General of the Armed Forces
  5. Major General Saly Mohamadou
  6. Major General Hector Marie Tchemo
  7. Major General Esaïe Ngambou
  8. Brigadier General Jean Calvin Momha, Chief of Staff of the Air Force
  9. Air Brigadier General Emmanuel Amougou
  10. Brigadier General Hypolite Ebaka
  11. Transition General Daniel Njock Elokobi
  12. Brigadier General Ahmed Mahamat
  13. Admiral Jean Mendoua, Chief of the Naval Staff
  14. Admiral Joseph Fouda
  15. Admiral Pierre Njine Djonkam
  16. Brigadier General Bouba Dobekreo
  17. Brigadier General Simon Ezo'o Mvondo
  18. Brigadier General Frederic Djonkep
  19. Brigadier General Valère Nka
  20. Brigadier General HOUSSEINI DJIBO
  21. Brigadier General LUBAZAL
  22. Brigadier General BETOTE
  23. Brigadier General ESSOH Julius Caesar
  24. Brigadier General EKONGWESSE
  25. Brigadier General TOUNGUE
  26. Brigadier General MELINGU
  27. Brigadier General NOUMA Joseph
  28. Brigadier-General AGA Robinson
  29. Brigadier General ASSOUALAIA
  30. Brigadier General EBA EBA

The New List of Retired Generals in Cameroon

  1. Army General Pierre Semengue
  2. Lieutenant General Nganso Sunji deceased
  3. Lieutenant General Oumaroudjam Yaya deceased
  4. Major General Tataw Tabe James
  5. Major General Samobo Pierre
  6. Major General Obama Isodore,
  7. Major General Angou and Laurent,
  8. Major General Daganfounassou Simon Pierre
  9. Major General Youumba Jean René

How Many Military Generals are in Cameroon?

There are thirty (30) active military generals in Cameroon.

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