Ranks in the Cameroon Gendarmerie (Military Grades)

Cameroon's defense or military unit has several ranks in its gendarmerie subdivision.

Who is a Gendarmerie? (Vs. Police in Cameroon)

A gendarmerie is a military force with law enforcement duties among the civilian population. The term gendarme is from the medieval French expression gens d'armes, which translates to "men-at-arms."

In Cameroon, the gendarmerie is a branch of the armed forces responsible for internal security in parts of the territory with additional duties as military police for the armed forces.

Ranks in the Cameroon Gendarmerie (Military Grades)

The grades in the Cameroon National Gendarmerie fall into two corps or categories: 

  1. Non-Commissioned Officers
  2. Commissioned Officers.

1. Non-Commissioned Officers

This category includes Pupils Gendarme, Gendarme, and Lance-Corporal.

Also, non-commissioned Officers relate to Sergeant, Staff-Sergeant, Warrant Officer, Chief Warrant Officer, and Senior Chief Warrant Officer.

2. Commissioned Officers.

Commissioned Officers consists of: 

  • Junior Officers,
  • Senior Officers
  • Generals.

The Junior Officers refer to the ranks of Sub-Lieutenant, Lieutenant, and Captain. 

The Senior Officers refer to the ranks of Major, Lieutenant-Colonel, and Colonel.

Generals refer to the ranks of Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant-General, and General.

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