Salary of Cameroonian Lawyers in 2024

 How much are lawyers paid in Cameroon? The legal profession is one of the most respected in Cameroon. In the university, law students are given more respect because of their excellent command of words and ability to understand things the way others do not. 

Recently, we discovered that many people are making caricatures of the profession because of the speculations that many lawyers earn as low as 50,000 FCFA monthly. Well, that is not wholly true.

This review assesses the salary of lawyers in Cameroon. Hence, if you have been asking the question, "How much are lawyers paid in Cameroon?" or "How much do lawyers earn monthly", you are in the right place. This article will explain the salary structure of lawyers in Cameroon with facts and examples.

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Factors that determine the salary of a lawyer in Cameroon

But before we move into that, I would like you to know some factors that determine the salary of a lawyer.

  • The lawyer's experience: Unfortunately, Experience is one factor that determines a lawyer's salary. The legal profession is highly based on experience. Every lawyer is qualified based on their expertise in a particular field of law. So a lawyer who has more experience will likely earn more.
  • The size of the law firm or company: The size of the law firm or company where the lawyer works also determine the amount of salary they will receive. A lawyer who works in companies or top law firms like Banwo, Aluko and Oyebode, Ikeyi etc., will like to earn more than a lawyer who works in a law firm that is not known.
  • The Ability to Work: Another factor is the lawyer's ability and determination to work. Any lawyer who really wants to make money will do so if he knows what he is doing. This is so because the legal profession of Cameroon does not restrict any lawyer from doing many jobs which are still related to law.

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How Much are Lawyers Paid in Cameroon?

Generally, the salary of a lawyer in Cameroon who works for a law firm or a company is 200,000 FCFA monthly. However, it is imperative to know that the actual salary in Cameroon is limitless. A Cameroonian lawyer can earn 4,000,000 FCFA by signing a contract or representing a company in a court case.

Moreover, it is not false that some lawyers earn as low as 50,000 XAF per month, but those are the type of lawyers that do not really want to make money out of the legal profession. Trust me, a lawyer can wake up in the morning, go to court and come back with a reasonable amount of money. This is not even joined with the amount he is paid in the law firm where he works.

In summary, the answer is that the salary of a lawyer in Cameroon is limitless. It is the hand of every lawyer to determine the amount they are to be earned monthly.

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Salary structure of lawyers that work in law firms

There are basically four levels of lawyers in every law firm: Interns, Junior Associates, Senior Associates and Partners. As we continue, I will give you a rundown of their average salary:


Interns are those lawyers who are not yet employed in the law firm. They usually work for some months then leave the firm. Interns can be assigned to law firms after graduating, or sometimes, law firms just recruit them to work. Here, lawyers work for free or paid. Only a few law firms pay their intents in Cameroon. The amount ranges from 20,000 FCFA – 50,000 FCFA monthly.

Junior Associates: 

These are the type of lawyers that are newly employed in the law firm. They are called junior associates because they have not really stood their ground. Payment of lawyers in this level ranges from 75,000 FCFA – 150,000 FCFA monthly, depending on the firm's size. 

Senior Associates: 

These are lawyers that work entirely for the firm. I mean, their employment is guaranteed to a large extent. To become a senior associate in a law firm, you must have worked for three to five years. Their salary ranges from 175,000 FCFA to 300,000 FCFA monthly, depending on the firm's size. In widespread law firms, lawyers are given other allowances like Medical care, Credit Cards and other bills together with their salary.


These are the big bosses in the law firm. Like I said at the inception of this article, the law is primarily based on experience. The more experienced you are, the more money you will get. Partners usually open the law firm and have practised for at least 3 to 5 years. A partner's salary in a law firm is immeasurable because it depends on its income. On average, a partner earns around 500,000 FCFA monthly (for small law firms) and 4,000,000 FCFA monthly (for big law firms).

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Salary Structure of a lawyer that works for companies

Before a company starts looking for their personal lawyers in Cameroon, that company must be stable and standard. For instance, companies like UBA Cameroon, Cameroon Baptist Convention, etc., have their personal lawyers handling their legal matters.

The salary of this type of lawyer range from 300,000 FCFA to 1,500,000 FCFA monthly, depending on the corporation.


We advise young law students who are still becoming lawyers in Cameroon not to give up. The legal profession is lucrative, and it is a good profession for everyone. Try to graduate with the best grade as much as possible because most law firms consider it. After graduating, put in your best in your area of speciality.

Lastly, I believe this article has disproved the fallacious claim that lawyers earn very low in Cameroon. Law is a prestigious profession, and it is still lucrative today.

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