DESP, HPD, BTS, and HND Cameroon Syllabus PDF (Revised)

The HPD, DESP, BTS, and HND Cameroon syllabus have been revised or harmonized. This was done at a meeting presided over by the Ministry of Higher education officials, Cameroon (MINESUP).

The meeting was held in November 2015 at the National Advanced School of Engineering (Polytech). The aim was to revise and restructure the four Higher National Diplomas (HPD, DESP, BTS, HND) approved by the state.

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The Four Higher National Diplomas Approved in Cameroon

The National diplomas under scrutiny and finally approved are the following: 




Higher National Diploma


Higher Professional Diploma


Brevet de Technicien Superieur


Diplome Superieur d’Etudes Professionnelles

These certificates are equivalent to the Cameroon GCE Advanced Level plus 2 years of undergraduate studies.

DESP, HPD BTS, and HND Cameroon Syllabus PDF (Revised)

According to the MINESUP officials, these syllabi of the four National diplomas were lastly revised fifteen years ago. Hence, some remarkable changes were required.

Furthermore, they expressed a strong determination to examine the output of the four diplomas. They pondered on either to eliminate or maintain them. If these certificates were to be maintained, then they needed to make ways for them to be more lucrative for employment purposes.

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The new DESP, HPD, BTS, and HND Cameroon Syllabus in PDF format will be released and published here soon as they are made available.

The seminar was presided by Cameroon's Minister of Higher Education, Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo.

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