Elizabeth Tekeh Biography - Age, Music Career and Albums

Who is Elizabeth Tekeh?

 Elizabeth Tekeh is a female anointed Gospel artist, worship leader (Evangelist), and songwriter who wins souls for Jesus Christ through her gospel music or songs.

Furthermore, Elizabeth Tekeh is a unique voice that made Gospel music in Cameroon enjoyable in the early 2000s. Presently, she is one of the most creative female music ministers in Cameroon.

Elizabeth Tekeh Biography - Age, Musical Career and Albums

The table below summarizes the biography and illustrious career of Elizabeth Tekeh:

Date of Birth

Born on April 12, 1978 (Age 43) 



Number of Music Albums




Years Active

2004 - Present

Spouse (Married to)

Martin Tekeh



Early Life

Born in the early seventies with little education, Elizabeth embarked on learning a trade - tailoring. Elizabeth Tekeh, also known as Elizabeth Mandah Fishi (given names at birth), was born in Ekona in Cameroon, with both parents hailing from the Northwest region (Adere village in Nwa, Donga Mantung).

She was born and raised in Ekona, where her mother lived. Later on in marriage, she lived in Munyenge. Living in Munyenge reduced her opportunities. This was because, at the time, Munyenge had neither mobile telephone access nor electricity.

Musical Career

However, her passion for God announced her voice throughout the national territory. As a married woman with kids, She started her music career in the early 2000s.

She always expresses the faith she had at the time; A faith and hope that her husband and herself would be somewhere, someday making an impact for Jesus. Elizabeth Tekeh attributes her reason for singing to be; a passionate desire to make others experience the goodness of God she has experienced in her life. She is an example of an unquenchable passion for Jesus.

Her first album titled 'Jesus Is My Security' hit the airwaves in 2004. With this album of eight successful songs, Elizabeth Tekeh cemented her musical prowess all over the nation (Cameroon) and some African countries.

Listening to her music for the first time, some Cameroonians mistook her for a Nigerian. In fact, she was dubbed ‘the Agatha Moses of Cameroon.’ She later released her second Album, 'Naked I Came To This World', which also trended all over her third and fourth albums.

In 2013, Elizabeth was accused of being a ritualist due to her uprising, and then she released her fourth album, which she titled 'My destiny.'

Music Albums Released by Elizabeth Tekeh

Over a music career spanning more than fifteen years, below are the albums released by the gospel Singer Elizabeth Tekeh:

  1. First Album: Jesus is my Security - 2004
  2. Second Album: Naked I came to this World 
  3. Third Album: Elizabeth 
  4. Fourth Album: My Destiny - 2013
  5. Fifth Album: Record of Life - 2021

Elizabeth Tekeh - Musical Career

Elizabeth Tekeh is one of the few Gospel artists in Cameroon, having five albums and multiple(thirty-five) singles.

It is worth noting that the singer did not attend any music school, and her parents were not of the music world. With little education, finance, and singing more in pidgin,, she came out with four outstanding albums that touched the heart of the entire population of Cameroon and Africa. She has also won multiple awards.

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'I sing by the inspiration of God,' Elizabeth Tekeh totted when asked about the origin of her music. Countless Cameroonians have testified giving their lives to Jesus Christ after listening to her music. Even the sick have found healing in Christ after coming in contact with her music.

The singer always pays tribute to her husband, Martin Tekeh,, to put in millions of francs CFA to release her first album-themed 'Jesus is My Security.' A song that hit the airwaves almost two decades ago but remains a blessing to lives to date.

The money put into her music came from cocoa farms as she and her husband were cocoa farmers. Mrs. Tekeh says her music is dedicated to “Our Lord Jesus who is the author of this vision.” Mrs. Tekeh currently resides in Buea with her husband and children, preaching the Gospel of Christ as her number one priority.

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