Download Jei Jei By Mr Leo MP3/Video (Award-Winning Song)

 The song entitled Jei Jei by Mr Leo which means "difference" is currently topping the charts on YouTube. 

The track has been receiving positive reviews and has amassed hundreds of thousands of views in the last few weeks since its release. This has led many to speculate that Jei Jei could be up for many local and international awards.

The song Jei Jei goes a step further than our current time and paints a picture of the universe. Mr. Leo has again drafted a modern African masterpiece that relates to a delicate topic - making a difference. 

Who is Mr. Leo? (Fonyuy Nsobunrika Leonard) - Biography

Musical artist, Mr. Leo (also known as Fonyuy Nsobunrika Leonard) is a talented Cameroonian entertainer who aims to challenge the global music industry by portraying to the world the rich and diverse African culture. 

Born on August 21, 1990, Mr. Leo's youthful and burning desire to succeed in the music industry is set to take him to higher heights.

The music video, directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens, takes the audience on a metaphorical journey with amazing sweeping shots worthy of an epic movie. The video was shot within the beautiful hills and natural scenery of Cameroon. 

Mr. Leo eloquently sings beautiful poetry in his mother tongue Lamnso, combined with English. Leo delivers a lyrical journey that takes listeners to the bellows of Africa and back. We like the fact that other Cameroonian musicians such as Vernyuy Tina and Witty Minstrel are continuing with the tradition of singing in their mother tongue.

Download Jei Jei By Mr Leo MP3/Video (Award-Winning Song)

Download (Telecharger) the MP3 version of the song Jei Jei by Mr Leo for free via this link.

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