Nexttel Cameroon Customer Service Number and Contact

  Nexttel Cameroon has provided contact numbers for ready accessibility to its customer service or 'Service Client'. 

However, it is not uncommon to see Nexttel subscribers to complain about their inability to contact Nexttel Cameroon through the right channels.

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How Do I Contact Nexttel Cameroon?

You can contact Nexttel Cameroon by doing the following:

  • By using their social media handles on Twitter and Facebook, 
  • Via WhatsApp, 
  • By email 
  • By placing a direct call

All Nexttel Cameroon Contact Numbers: WhatsApp Number, Email Address, and Client Customer Service

Below are all official Nexttel Cameroon contacts:
  1. Nexttel Cameroon WhatsApp Numbers: 237669000116 and 237669000117 
  2. Nexttel Cameroon Email Address:
  3. The Nexttel Cameroon Customer Service number or 'Service Clientele' is 8123
  4. Nexttel Cameroon Social Handles: Facebook and Twitter (Click on the links)
  5. Nexttel Cameroon Direct Call Number is 237666000789
  6. Nexttel Cameroon Physical Address (Headquarters): Akwa Besides Dika Palace, Douala, Cameroon

When Can You Contact Nexttel Cameroon?

You can contact Nexttel Cameroon from 7 am to 10 pm daily.

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