Is Legit or Scam? Payment Proof and Review 2024

 Reading through many reviews online, stands out as the best alternative to AdSense. Most reviews even show payment screenshots as proof of the legitimacy of the Medianet advertising network. 

However, this Ad network is a scam; is there to defraud you of your hard-earned money. In this comprehensive review, we take a look at the timeline from being approved by to being lied to and conned of more than $200 in our account when payment was to be made. This was followed by a shutdown of the account, and the funds have not been recovered.

Is Legit or Scam in 2024? Payment Proof and Review

Below are the timeline and review to evaluate if Medianet is a legitimate or scam:

  1. Registering or Joining Medianet: April 2019
  2. Implementing Ads alongside AdSense: March 2020
  3. Reaching the elusive $100 Medianet Threshold
  4. Scamming tactics employed by after the threshold is reached
  5. How Stole more than $200 and blocked access to the account 

1. Registering or Joining Medianet: April 2019

In April of 2019, we began reading the seemingly flawless reviews online as the best and only competitor to AdSense. 
So, we joined the bandwagon and applied for the program. Surprisingly, less than 24 hours later, our account was approved and ready to show ads (see screenshot below). 

AdSense was already performing so well for us, so we archived that approval message.

2. Implementing Ads alongside AdSense: March 2020

It took temogroup almost a full year to implement ads on the website. This was primarily because we wanted to display AMP Sticky ads on our AMP mobile site hosted on Blogger or Blogspot. 
Surprised? Sure, we actually use fully functional Accelerated Media Pages on Blogger! Implementing Medianet ads is relatively easier on WordPress, though there is a plugin to help with that.

How much Pays per 1000 impressions? How does it compare with Google AdSense?

We did that successfully, and it made the mobile site great. However, the cost per 1000 impressions was so low at less than $0.1 or even $0 that it made it virtually useless to implement the Medianet ads. Even with traffic in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), and Canada, we couldn't manage the $1 to $2 per 1000 impressions we made on Google AdSense.

We wonder how people have made money from Ads, given the low CPC or cost per click. Also, site users have to click twice for the click to register, which isn't good. 
Note that Medianet doesn't tell you how many adverts users clicked on. So, you have no way of evaluating them or yourself. This in itself is a potential red flag or scam.

3. Reaching the elusive $100 Medianet Threshold

We reached the $100 payment threshold as stipulated by in January 2021. Before reaching this threshold, we had already configured our Payoneer account to receive funds if Medianet manages to pay any money during the payout timeline. Needless to say, this never happened.

That was when the dubious employees reached out to me, saying my traffic quality was low and all sorts of false accusations. However, according to my Google Analytics and Even AdSense metrics, I have at least 65 percent traffic from search engines or organic search. This takes us to the next step: the Scam tactics...

4. Scamming tactics employed by after the threshold is reached

After February 2021 elapsed, I had made more than $200 at this stage. I reached out to, telling them I was expecting my payout or payment proof to be issued. To my greatest dismay, I was told I had only accrued $75!

 If these aren't a bunch of thieves, how else can you define such an advertising agency? You will expect a company owned by Yahoo and Bing to do much better. 

5. How Stole more than $200 and blocked access to the account 

Eight days after my payout appeal, the Medianet compliance team wrote a mail informing us of a block placed on our account. They said the funds have been frozen and weren't available. There was a possibility of an appeal. 

Even though we knew this was more likely a formality, we immediately filled the detailed Appeal form with all info and proof asked. 

Nevertheless, a  few days after, access to the dashboard was blocked, and we have not had any reply from ever since. Simply a bunch of scammers.

Conclusion: Vs. AdSense - Is Legit or Scam?

No, is a scam and does not in any way pay like Google AdSense. Since returning to Adsense, we have made more than triple or quadruple the figures we made in the wasted months trying 

We checked around the web and saw many people complaining about being scammed or conned to hundreds of dollars after signing up for or joining Medianet. I hope this genuine and honest review gives you a better insight into the shady practices of Medianet.
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