Download Huawei Master Code Calculator New Algo V3 V4 V5 IMEI 2024

The Huawei Master Code Calculator's new Algo or algorithm Versions 3, 4, and 5 (V3, V4, and V5) are now available. 

This enables you to unlock your Huawei modem or router for free by generating an unlock code using the IMEI of the device.

The Relevance of the New Huawei Master Code Calculator

Furthermore, most of Huawei's latest internet devices cannot be unlocked by just putting unlock code. This is a sharp contrast to previous models of Huawei internet modems and routers manufactured until 2014. 

These devices come up with a new and different version of the algorithm. That is, Algo V4 was launched in 2015. Hence, the unlock codes of the algorithms v1, v2, and v3 cannot be used in these devices. 


Unfortunately, there is neither a direct unlock method nor a direct calculation of this algorithm available. 

Hence, to unlock the code for these devices, there is a complete process, and after that, you can run any SIM card on it. 

This unlock code works well on almost all Huawei's latest internet devices (including Dongles, Mifi Clouds, CPE Wireless Gateway Routers, Mobile Wifi Hotspots Routers, etc.) locked with any network worldwide. 

All Huawei Routers and Modems That Can Be Unlocked For Free By the Huawei Master code Calculator New Algo

The Huawei Modems and Routers that support the V3, V4, V5, and V6 Unlock Codes are enumerated below:

  • Huawei E5577 (E5577Cs-321, E5577s-321, E5577Cs-603, E5577s-603, E5577s-932)
  • Huawei B535 (B535-232, B535-235, B535-932)
  • Huawei B525 (B525s-23a, B525s-65a)
  • Huawei B310s (B310As-852, B310s-22, B310s-518, B310s-925, B310s-927) 
  • Huawei B315s (B315s-22, B315s-607, B315s-608, B315s-936), 
  • Huawei E3372h (MTS 827F, MTS 829F
  • Huawei E3370h
  • Megafon M150-2, E3372h-153, E3372h-210, E3372h-510, E3372h-603, E3372h-607),
  • Huawei E5351s-2
  • Huawei E5573Bs (E5573Bs-320 (Vodafone R216)
  • Huawei E8372h (MTS 8211F, E8372h-510, E8372h-153, E8372h-511, E8372h-607, E8372h-608 E8372h-927) 
  • Huawei E8377s-153 
  • Huawei E5771 (E5771s-852), Huawei E5786 (Vodafone R226)
  • Huawei E5573Cs (E5573Cs-322, E5573Cs-323, E5573cs-603, E5573Cs-609, E5573Cs-931), 
  • Huawei E5573s (E5573s-156 (MTS 8210FT), E5573s-320, E5573s-508, E5573s-606, E5573s-607, E5573s-609, E5573s-806, E5573s-852, E5573s-853, E5573s-856), 
  • Huawei E5575s (E5575s-210, E5575S-302, E5575S-320), 
  • Huawei E5578s-932, Huawei E5770 (E5770s-320, E5770s-923),
  • All other modems released between 2015 and 2021


Once you download this new Huawei Master Calculator new Algo online, you can use it to unlock the above modems and routers for free without paying a fee.

Huawei Master Code Calculator New Algo V3 V4 V5 By IMEI Free Download

  • Download the Universal Huawei Master Code New Algo that works online and offline here.

How to Use the Huawei Master Code Calculator?

  1. Download the Universal Huawei Master Code Calculator software from the official link.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip folder using WinRAR.
  3. Double click on the executable file to launch the new  Huawei Algo unlocking software
  4. Input the IMEI of your Huawei modem or router and click on calculate to generate a free unlock code.
  5. Insert an unsupported sim card into the modem to trigger a dialogue box.
  6. When prompted, insert the generated unlock code to unlock your Huawei Modem or router for free.

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