All MTN Cameroon WhatsApp Bundles And Codes

 MTN Cameroon WhatsApp Bundles are part of the internet bundles targeting the social media side of the net.

WhatsApp is the most popular mobile instant messaging application, with billions of active users. 

The phenomenon has grown to such an extent in Cameroon that telephone operators are integrating it into their marketing strategy by offering WhatsApp packages or giving free access to the application as a bonus in other call offers or on the Internet.

WhatsApp Packages and Bonuses at MTN Cameroon

MTN Cameroon was the very first operator to put WhatsApp packages on the Cameroonian market. The bundle was instituted in July 2013, long before the launch of 3G in Cameroon.

During that period, Mtn Cameroon introduced its first 3 WhatsApp Bundles Daily at 200 Francs, Weekly at 500 Francs, and Monthly at 1500 Francs.

In July 2014, the WhatsApp on-the-go package witnessed a price drop to only 25 FCFA/day.

However, no significant changes have been made to this WhatsApp bundle.

The only change has been the non-deduction of your MTN credit balance when your WhatsApp bundle is exhausted.

All MTN Cameroon WhatsApp Bundles And Subscription Codes

MTN Cameroon now offers the following four WhatsApp plans:

WhatsApp BundlePriceData VolumeValidityWhatsApp Code
WhatsApp on the Go25 FCFA25 Mb24 hours*701*6#
WhatsApp Daily200 FCFA50 Mb24 hours*701*1#
WhatsApp Weekly500 FCFA100 Mb7 Days*701*2#
WhatsApp Monthly1500 FCFA300Mb30 Days*701*3#

How To Check Mtn WhatsApp bundle Balance?

Dial *701*99# to check the balance of your WhatsApp bundle.


Since these WhatsApp data bundles and megabytes are tiny at this age, we recommend MTN Yamo or Nexttel NextSocials with affordable and unlimited WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter bundles.
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