How to Stop Using Airtime as Data to Browse on MTN

 You might lose track of time when you are online and notice later that MTN deducted your airtime when the data bundles depleted. Hence, learning to stop MTN from deducting your credit when browsing the internet is essential. 

Why is MTN deducting my airtime? 

Here are reasons you have an unusually high airtime bill, or your credit is vanishing: 

  • Subscription services. 
  • Unexpected data charges (apps running in the background). 
  • Sending lots of SMS to premium-rated numbers. Frequent airtime transfers. 
  • Apps run in the background when the phone's data settings are on. 
  • Check your SMS history. You will see messages welcoming you to subscription services or notifications of services you were about to subscribe to. 

Have you ever wondered why your credit reduces when you unintentionally turn on your mobile phone's data settings, yet your line does not have bundles? MTN deducts your airtime because some apps run in the background without data. 

Learn how to stop using airtime by browsing below.

How can I stop MTN from deducting my credit? 

It is infuriating when MTN deducts your credit for being online. MTN sends subscribers texts when they are about to finish their data, but you might be too busy online to notice the SMS notification. 

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In the past, MTN deducts your airtime when browsing if you have not subscribed to any data package. Some people could get a credit refund or be denied when they call MTN customer care. 

The excellent news is MTN has now stopped deducting airtime for data when your data bundle expires. The telecom giant made this public in a statement on its website to the delight of many of its subscribers.

MTN subscribers can still dial the code for MTN services to manage their data or internet access.

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