CBC Health Services Launches Free Self HIV Test Strips

 HIV Self Testing Kits are Here - Curtesy of Cameroon Baptist Convention: Do Your Free HIV Test at Home

Are you scared of checking your HIV status or doing an HIV test in the hospital? 

You don't have to be anymore. You can now do the test by yourself in your privacy.

HIV Self Testing Kit is a device that enables one to do his/her HIV test at his/her convenience. This new approach was introduced by WHO in 2016 as one of the strategies to meet the UNAIDS 90, 90, 90 goals. This goal entails having 90% of the population aware of their  HIV status, 90% initiate treatment, and 90% achieve viral load suppression by 2020. 

Unfortunately, concerning the first 90, globally, only 70 percent has been achieved (68 percent in Cameroon), and UNAIDS has set new targets of 95-95-95 to be completed by 2030.

According to Dr. Eugene Chiabi, HIV-Free Project Site Physician at Nkwen Baptist Health Centre, HIV Self Testing is a process in which an individual collects their specimen, performs the test, and interprets the results at their convenience.

The HIV Self Testing Kit comes in time to overcome the issue of stigmatization, which has, over the years, scared commercial sex workers, men that sleep with other men (MSM), and other individuals who feared being recognized as diagnosed with HIV, to know their status. It would serve everyone and those who dread visiting facilities because of COVID-19.

The CBC Health Services has started distributing these HIV Self Testing Kits in 30 HIV-FREE treatment facilities in the North West Region of Cameroon, including Nkwen Baptist HC and the Regional hospital.

The Test Kits are made available at entry points of these facilities. The Kits are free of charge.

HIVST is a CDC/PEPFAR-supported Intervention.

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