Giga Data: Get 75GB on Airtel Kenya For Ksh 1000 Only

Airtel Kenya has been known for its frequent data promotions, and the 75GB for Ksh 1000 doesn't disappoint. These usually come from free gigabytes attached to certain promo offers. For example, they recently offered their premium modem with free 25GB high-speed LTE data for only ksh3500. 

What is included in the Airtel Kenya 75GB Promo Bundles compared to other ISPs?

With other ISPs in the country offering little for your money, the 75GB gives you the bank for your buck. It promises 2.5GB of data daily for 30 days. 

I am not a fan of capped data plans, but this is worth looking at. Why do I say so? Because this is definitely better than the Telkom offer, which only gives you a mere 1GB a day for 30 days at the same amount. At Ksh 1000, you get more than double the offer of Telkom. 

However, if you are looking for an uncapped daily data plan, you might want to consider Faiba. Note that Faiba only runs on band 28. This might be a drawback for certain people. Luckily, the ZTE Promo phone by Faiba has Band 28 support and is sold at only Ksh 5400 a month with free 30GB of data.

How to Subscribe to the Airtel 75GB Offer

To activate this fantastic Airtel Data offer, you should do the following:
  1. Download the Official Airtel app from the PlayStore or App Store.
  2. Sign up and register to access the app.
  3. Make sure your account is recharged appropriately
  4. Select the promo 75GB bundle
  5. Subscribe to the offer.
  6. You're now good to go. Enjoy your insane gigabytes at a low price.
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