I Celebrate You Mama (A Tribute to My Mom and All Mothers)

Well, today, it is unusual...I will write about our lovely mothers in the World and Cameroon in particular (where I come from). I know today is not mother's day, but you try to salute all working during this time of the covid-19 and those who have been forever present in your lives.

Who is a Mother?

Mother is a person who has given birth to us. She is the one who has raised us. I call my mother 'Mama,' and this has never departed from me till this day. Alternate names include 'Mom', 'Mummy', 'La Mere', etc. It all depends on how they grew up and learned to call their mothers.

Many of Us have abandoned our Mothers.

In today's time, when we all are busy with our schedules, the one person to look after is only our mother. A mother is not only a parent but a friend, mentor, counselor, and a few others. She is the one who knows everything about you, whether it be good or bad. She is the person who will keep all your secrets safe from anyone. Today I would like to salute all the mother's around the world. The way or the method of showcasing their journey is not only inspiring but an incredible one. The way they show their love and care for the child is fantastic.

The Sacrifice of Mothers are Priceless

Whenever you spend time with your mother, I suggest something that tries to capture those moments as memories of happiness. Try to re-live those moments of joy and experience life beautifully. She is the one with whom we have our relationship strong. They are the gentle ones who have sacrificed so much in life and are incomparable with anything. They try to showcase their talents in front of the world is not only fantastic but also motivational. I have seen many mothers who have a passion for something but cannot fulfill their dreams because of the age factor. Let us support them and try to make things come true. They are the ones who will always care about your education and health. They will not eat food until you are back home; she would forever wait for you.

No matter the differences, Mothers Remain Compassionate.

I understand that we have differences between our mothers, but we can't risk our relationship with her for that. When a small kid gets hurt, the mother is the one who is worried about you and will leave everything and come to see you. She is the one who always thinks about what is best for you.
It doesn't matter how essential the work is, but she knows that their child is their first priority. She is also the one who protects you from your father from fights. She always wants/her child should fulfill their dreams. She is the one who still supports you throughout your life. She makes fantastic food, and you will find the taste in your mother's cooking nowhere in the world, whether in any restaurant or 5-star hotel. She has excellent communication and time management skills. My mother once told me that friends are people who support you till some point in life, but a mother will help you throughout your life. The confidence that she has in front of everyone is just excellent.

Mutual Understanding between You and Your Mother is vital.

If you have any problem with your mother, try to speak in private and not make fun in front of everyone. She will understand your point. I see some people shout at their mothers; I just want to tell them to think before doing anything. She is the one who has helped you with everything and has always been late till night for your exams. She was the one who helped you to make college projects so beautiful so that you could get good marks and do well in life. She is the one who would never think anything wrong with you. They are very proactive than anyone else. She is the one who will never ask for a gift but your happiness on your face. She has this incredible power to overcome the obstacles in life.

I Salute Mothers in the Health Field, Especially those working under challenging conditions in Cameroon.

During this time of Covid-19, I would like to salute those mothers who are doctors, nurses, cleaners, etc., who are risking their life where right now, life is more precious than anything and trying to save other people's life. They work as much as possible to respect the preventive strategies. I also take a minute of silence for the mothers who have departed us for eternity. May their souls rest in perfect peace.


I would like to say a big thank you to all the mothers for supporting us through our journey. Ultimately, I would like to say that whatever happens in life, do not disrespect your mother and support her in every way you can. And this time of lockdown is the best time to help your mother with household work and improve her relationship with them.

Here's a picture of my lovely mother. This was on my graduation day as a Medical Doctor. Today, June 15, is her birthday. Happy Birthday, Mama. May God continue to Bless You For Me.

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Make your mother proud.
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