How to Apply For a Residence Permit in Cameroon (Easy Guide)

What is a Residence permit?

The residence permit is an identification document issued abroad admitted regularly to stay in Cameroon. Its validity is two years. A foreign national has to apply when he or she sets foot in Cameroon.

What Documents are required to apply for a Residence Permit in Cameroon

Its delivery is subject to the production by abroad of the following documents:

  1. A certified photocopy dated less than three (03) months of the valid passport, bearing the long-stay visa; 
  2. A certificate of domicile, issued by the administrative authority or the Police Commissioner with territorial jurisdiction, bearing the prior and compulsory visa of the Head of district or village; 
  3. An extract from the Special Criminal Record; 
  4. A tax certificate or a receipt of discharge tax, or a certified photocopy of the patent title valid for the current fiscal year; 
  5. Payment of stamp duty fixed by the finance law; 
  6. Proof of stay. 

How much does a Residence Permit Cost in Cameroon

  1. 30,000 francs for students, pupils, or minor children;
  2. 120,000 frs for African adults;
  3. 200,000 francs for the French;
  4. 250,000 francs for other nationalities;
  5. Free for those assimilated to members of the diplomatic corps 

How to Renew your Residence Permit in Cameroon

The renewal of the Residence Card is subject to production by the applicant for the old residence card at least one (01) month before its validity and any proof of stay expiration.

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