What is the Entry Visa Cost In Cameroon (Visa on Arrival)

Visas are generally issued at the point of entry into Cameroon. There are 4 types of entry visas into Cameroon. Each is granted for the purpose which is intended. They include a transit visa, a temporary visa, and a long-stay visa.

How much Does it cost for all Entry Visa Categories into Cameroon?

  1. Transit Visa :Validity: (05) days; Fee: Free
  2. Tourist Visa: Validity: thirty (30) days maximum and not renewable; Fees: 50,000 CFA francs
  3. Temporary visa: Validity: ninety (90) days renewable; Fees: 50,000 CFA francs
  4. Long-stay visa: Validity: eighty (180) days renewable; Fees: 100,000 CFA francs and free for diplomats and similar

Which Documents are required for the Issue of an Entry Visa into Cameroon

The issuance of these visas is subject to production as appropriate:
  1. Photocopy of passport or any other travel document valid for six (06) months;
  2. Air ticket or any other valid travel document to Cameroon;
  3. International vaccination certificates are required;
  4. Accommodation certificate issued by the person who undertakes to accommodate the visitor, with the visa of the territorially competent mayor or an invitation to an event organized on the national territory, or a firm hotel reservation for the duration of the planned stay
  5. A mission order;
  6. The repatriation guarantee; 
  7. An employment contract signed by the Minister of Labor for foreigners wishing to exercise a wage activity in Cameroon; 
  8. An authorization to exercise a liberal profession or to promote an agricultural, pastoral, industrial, commercial, or other activity, issued by the competent authorities when such approval is required; 
  9. An act justifying the conjugal bond for the spouse or parental relationship for minor children; 
  10. A certificate of registration or re-registration issued by the head of the establishment for students;
  11. An internship certificate for trainees. 

How long Does it take for a Cameroonian Visa to be granted?

Visas are granted by the diplomatic mission or the competent consular post, within a maximum period of forty-eight (48) hours, from the application's filing date.

These visas cannot be transferred from one category to another. They can only be extended in the event of force majeure and with the express authorization of the General Delegate for National Security. Except for the long-stay visa, no other visa entitles you to exercise a gainful or professional activity and to the possibility of studying in Cameroon.

However, foreigners coming from countries where Cameroon is not represented by a diplomatic or consular post may, exceptionally, obtain a visa from the Port and Airport Commissariats as well as at the border or immigration posts of their place of disembarkation.

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