The Practical Guide to Orange Roaming Rates and Locations

Orange Roaming keeps you reachable on your number abroad. This option is available for all Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers.

How to Activate Roaming on Your Orange SIM

The activation process is different for prepaid and postpaid subscribers:

Roaming Activation: Postpaid subscriber

To activate the Roaming service, the Postpaid subscriber must:

  • Write a handwritten request,
  • Pay a deposit of 100,000 F.
  • To consult voicemail from abroad, simply dial 00237 6 99 90 09 90/00237 2 33 41 00 99 (considered a call from Cameroon).

Roaming Activation: Prepaid subscriber

  • The Roaming service is activated by default for all Orange prepaid subscribers.
  • To recharge your account, you just need to take the joker recharge cards and carry out the usual code to top-up: dial # 188 * 14-digit code # validate. You can also receive credit by credit transfer (# 144 *), use the Country Transfer service or buy the credit by Orange Money.
  • To consult voicemail from abroad, simply dial 00237 6 99 90 09 90/00237 2 33 41 00 99 (considered a call from Cameroon).

Advantages of Orange Roaming

With the Roaming orange option, you always benefit from your usual services:

  • Sending of SMS,
  • Free SMS reception,
  • Access to voicemail,
  • Access to customer service,
  • Balance check via # 123 #,
  • Reloading prepaid accounts from abroad with the usual scratch cards or using these 3 services.

What are the Roaming Rates or Charges

This document in PDF summarizes the Orange Roaming rates for prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

How to select an operator's network once abroad?

You switch on your mobile as soon as you arrive in the country of stay. The selection of the host network can be made by automatic or manual search:

  • Automatic search: your mobile automatically picks up one of the networks in the host country, and the name of the foreign operator is displayed on the screen.
  • Manual selection: you go to your mobile's menu, select the telephone parameter option, then the choice of network, then manual (or not automatic), and choose the network of the partner operator.
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