How to Top Up or Recharge Your Yoomee Account Online

Recharging your Yoomee account is straightforward but can be challenging. Nevertheless, we will demonstrate clearly and straightforwardly the different forms of recharging your offers. This will enable you to continue to benefit from the best Data, Call, and SMS packages.


  1. Connect to and Sign In to Your Account
  2. Navigate to the "Offers" tab
  3. Choose the package that suits you.
  4. To skip these steps, you can refer to this guide on Yoomee shortcodes to check the offers that suit you by dialing the USSD codes directly on your mobile.
After choosing your Yoomee Bundle, you can now decide which method you want to use to recharge your account.

How to Recharge Your Yoomee Account (5 Methods)

  1. First Method: Contact DreamPoinTech via WhatsApp at +237 658661453 or Telegram Here. This is a preferred method as your account is recharged instantly with no charges. It works 24/7.
  2. Second Method: By calling (+237) 233 50 51 00 . Give the operator the details of what amount you wish to recharge. You can choose between various mobile Money payment methods (which may attract a fee) and Yoomee Money ( which is free of charge).
  3. Third Method: Using the Digipos App. This is our preferred method as it is simple and pretty straightforward. Simply grab an account here and install the app to begin performing hassle-free transactions.
  4. Fourth Method: By PayPal, MasterCards, or VisaCards, all available on the web interface.
  5. Fifth Method: By using the Yoomee Voucher (also available on the web interface-

You might want to configure your Yoomee Phone or Modem to benefit from excellent 4G speeds.

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