Renewing Your Health Insurance in Cameroon: 8 Points to Note

 With the rapid increase in the cost of health care, it is wise for every individual to get a health insurance policy. Health insurance helps you cover the cost, supposing you have a medical emergency. Furthermore, it protects you from unexpected expenses. 

However, health insurance is usually proffered as one-year contracts and needs annual renewal. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to renew your health insurance policy correctly. There are 8 points you should note when renewing your health insurance.

What are the points to look out for when renewing your health insurance?

If you already have a health insurance policy, you might be curious about the crucial things to note when renewing the policy. Below are 8 points you should note when renewing your health insurance:

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Renew before the due date

A 30-day grace period is usually given if you cannot renew your health insurance before the deadline. After this period, your health insurance expires. However, it is essential to note that there will be no insurance coverage during the 30 days grace period. Therefore, it is advisable to note down the renewal date and set up active reminders on your phone, laptop, or diary. Additionally, it is equally essential for you to make plans for the funds in advance to avoid last-minute financial inconveniences.

Alter the number of insureds if required

You can add or remove a family member when it’s time to renew your health insurance. For example, the birth of your baby will require you to include the baby’s name in your health insurance policy.

Consider adding Top-up plans.

If you feel your health insurance policy is insufficient, you can consider adding a top-up plan when it’s time for renewal. Also, you can increase your present policy coverage to accommodate your current needs.

Review your health insurance requirements

You have to analyze your health insurance requirement when it’s time for renewal. This is to help you consider your current health needs. Furthermore, you must ensure that all your everyday needs are adequately covered. Therefore, it is essential to analyze your health insurance policy before renewal.

Check for changes in the insurance terms and conditions

It is essential to check for any changes made to the terms and conditions of your health insurance policy. Similarly, you can decide to opt for health insurance in another company if you disagree with the changes made to the terms and conditions of your health insurance policy. Ensure you look out for any difference between the new and old.

Essential documents to be carried on the day of renewal

If you decide to continue your health insurance policy with the same company, you must have the check at the time of renewal and the policy renewal notice. However, if you decide to change your health insurance policy to another branch, you have to produce the following documents:

  • Policy renewal notice
  • mandate letter
  • Last year’s policy
  • proposal form

Divulge a new medical condition

Since health insurance is a yearly contract, the items can only be revised based on the health changes that occurred during the year. Therefore, you must bring to the notice of your insurer any newly developed health challenge during the previous year.

Keep the insurance receipt safe.

Tell someone you trust (who might be your closest family member or spouse)  about the alterations you have made to your health insurance policy. Also, it is essential to always keep the receipt in a safe place. 

Additionally, you should ensure your safe place is known to your spouse or close family member. This is important because, at the time of claim, your insurer has to be made aware of the terms and conditions of the policy.


Acquiring a health insurance policy is a wise decision given the recent rise in the cost of healthcare. However, that is not the end because renewing your health insurance policy is equally important. We have put together the 8 points you should note when renewing your health insurance which would serve as a guide to continuing your policy with ease and, more importantly, without regrets.

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