Scheme of Work For Nursery & Primary Schools in Cameroon PDF: Level 1,2,3 Curriculum

This comprehensive guide looks at the scheme of work for nursery and primary schools in Cameroon. This guide has been prepared to support you in implementing the revised Nursery and Primary School Curricula in Cameroon. 

It is the priority of the Inspectorate General of Education to sensitize and train the entire pedagogic supervision chain and follow up the teachers' training in a bottom-top approach. This guide is intended to help you answer the following key questions:

  • What are the curriculum goals of the Nursery and Primary School Curricula?
  • What must I lay emphasis on in the teaching-learning process?
  • What are the new dispensations in managing school time?
  • How do I assess my learners?
  • What are the specificities of some of the new subject areas?
  • How do l write lesson plans following the new dispensations?

The Curriculum Goals

Nursery Schools

  • Socialization
  • Education
  • Learning and practice

Primary Schools

  • Empower pupils with requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes to effectively contribute to the emergence of Cameroon by the year 2035. 
  • Engage learners in more active, collaborative, holistic, and creative learning processes with opportunities to develop their optimal potential
  • Provide teachers with pedagogic opportunities that are more flexible and engaging, as well as the possibility to adapt teaching and learning to their specific contexts
  • Open the school to family and the community.

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What are Pupils Expected to Know at the end of Nursery and Primary Education in Cameroon?

Upon completion of Nursery and Primary Education in Cameroon, learners are supposed to have acquired the Seven National Core Skills and the four Broad-based Competencies as outlined in the Cameroon National Core Skills Framework. In this light, these will be reflected through learning outcomes that constitute teaching-learning requirements, arranged in the function of learners' chronological and developmental ages. 

This means that these skills and competencies will be developed in learners progressively (in dosages). The Nursery and Primary School learners will have the same profile upon completion, nonetheless, with a carefully prepared dose to suit their respective cycles. To this effect, learners leaving Nursery and Primary School are supposed to acquire knowledge and develop skills and attitudes provided in the curricula to enable them to achieve these goals.

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Scheme of Work For Nursery and Primary Schools in Cameroon PDF (Curriculum)

You can download the Scheme of Work or Curriculum For Nursery and Primary Schools in Cameroon in the PDF below:

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