Is the GCE 2024 Results Out? When Will Results Be Released?


The Registrar of the GCE Board usually informs the general public, especially candidates, of the 2024 Examinations that the GCE 2024 has been released on 24th July 2024. These GCE 2024 results are typically released via a press communiqué Releasing Results of the 2024 exams organized by the Cameroon GCE Board.

Is the GCE 2024 Results Out? When Will the Results be Released?

Yes, the Cameroon GCE results were released on 24th July 2024 and are available for download on

The GCE results slips are usually available at their registration centers. Once the results are available, candidates can verify them at the centers where they registered for the examination. Moreover, GCE results will be available on the GCE Board website and for free download.

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What will the GCE Results Comprise?

Results will be published for the following Examinations:

  • Technical and Vocational Education Advanced Level.
  • Technical and Vocational Education Intermediate Level.
  • GCE Advanced Level.
  • GCE Ordinary Level.

The Official Cameroon GCE Board Press Communique

The official Press release from the Cameroon GCE Board shall comprise the following information:

  1. Overall performance of candidates in the 2024 examinations,
  2. Detailed results of the candidates
  3. Note of appreciation to all partners and collaborators
  4. Future perspectives for the development of examinations organized by the Board.

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