How to Play and Win the American DV Lottery in Cameroon

This step-by-step guide shows how to play and win the American DV Lottery in Cameroon.

Immigration law and regulations require that each DV entrant have at least a high school education or its equivalent (GCE Advanced Level) or have two years of work experience within the past five years in an occupation requiring at least two years of training or experience.

What documents do I need for the American DV lottery? (Requirements)

  • With your country of birth and education, there are only two requirements that you must meet to participate in the DV Lottery.
  • Passport for the DV Lottery
  • Passport number.
  • Passport expiration date.
  • Issuing country.

How to Play and Win the American DV Lottery in Cameroon?

Cameroonian natives can register for this program online by accessing the lottery website. Once filled, one can download and print the filled form to sign it. The form is then submitted alongside the original and copies of other personal documents to the American embassy in Cameroon.

What happens if I win the DV lottery?

Winning the green card lottery does not result in your automatically getting a green card in the mail. You can find out if you are a lottery winner on or after May by going to the DV Entrant Status Check link online.

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If you have won, you will be directed from there to a confirmation page with further instructions.

Is Cameroon eligible for DV Lottery?

Check if Registration for the Diversity Visa Lottery is open via this link. If you plan to apply, the only valid site is DV lottery. state. gov. Avoid being disqualified and only submit one entry per person.

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