Ezoic Compatibility: How to Use Ezoic For Blogger Blogspot Blogs

Ezoic for Blogger Blogspot is an excellent solution for bloggers looking to increase their ad revenue. Alongside AdSense, Ezoic can significantly boost site earnings as it uses its proprietary AI to display appropriate and great adverts on a blog or site. 

Ezoic Compatibility

 Unfortunately, Ezoic is not compatible with Blogger (Blogspot) and does not work with Blogger for now. So, users willing to directly integrate Ezoic on Blogger will have a tough time doing so. An easier option will be to follow the steps described in the video at the end of this article to learn how to use Ezoic for Blogger by migrating to WordPress.

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How to Use Ezoic For Blogger Blogspot Blogs?

There is currently no integration method available for sites using Blogger. Ezoic Ad network recommends transferring the site to WordPress or any Content Management System is known to work with Ezoic.

Below is a video explaining a simple way to migrate to WordPress from Blogger to benefit from the Ezoic platform:

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