New Ha Tunnel Plus Configuration File Download 2024 (Config)

 Before we get to HA Tunnel Plus Configuration File download, I recently shared how to install or use zero-rated websites for free internet, which has been a revelation for most people. 

Have you been looking for the updated or latest Ha tunnel plus settings or config files to download? Then you are in the right place. HA Tunnel Plus is a VPN used for free internet access across the globe.

How does Ha Tunnel Plus work?

Free internet is ruinous news when it is available in your country. Free internet has been gaining search terms over the internet for the past years and has somehow gone viral. So far, people keep searching for the following proven apps that give free internet like Psiphon, HTTP Injector, Anonytun free internet for any country, a tunnel plus settings and configs for any country, HTTP Custom, and many others.

How to Create Ha Tunnel PlusvFiles (.HAT) With Fast Internet Speeds

Although we all know that getting free internet is not easy as we might have already tried so many tricks and they never work. It's also true that free internet exists although there are very few areas to get valuable guides or tricks.

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Finding a working SNI host for free internet Using Ha Tunnel Plus

Since I started sharing free internet tricks, I noticed several complaints of our readers requesting free internet for their individual countries since it's been mainly from Zambia, Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. 

Today, I have made a complete solution to respond to their demands. Each of our readers from all countries' free internet tricks requested will benefit because we will share these free internet configs below with you all. Please reach us on the contact us page if you don't find yours.

These Ha Tunnel Plus config files work for MTN, Vodacom (Vodafone), Airtel, Telkom, Jio, Orange, Econet, Glo, Etisalat, etc.

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What is HA Tunnel Plus?

HA Tunnel Plus, an application preceding the famous tunnel application we know ( AnonyTun), is developed by Art of Tunnel. 

This VPN tunnel functions the same way as AnonyTun but is slightly different. HA Tunnel Plus uses existing connection protocols such as SSH2.0. All traffic generated between the client and the server is protected with SSH2.0.

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Each user is given a randomly generated ID by the application to connect to the server.

The developer of this software made this to easily control the flood of servers and have full access over the servers than clients to securely limit their access. So we can say the developer had a real good vision before developing HA Tunnel Plus. Plus, the extension of HA Tunnel Plus Config files is .hat

Before, HA Tunnel Plus was HA Tunnel Pro. Unfortunately, the developer stopped supporting the application and updated it to the Plus version, which now carries HA Tunnel Plus.

How To Use HA Tunnel Plus?

Like other VPNs, HA Tunnel Plus is easy to use. You can quickly figure out how to use this application if you already have experience with other VPN Apps such as HTTP Injector.

To use HA Tunnel Plus properly, you will need a working SNI bug host or a working Payload that you can inject for free internet access. That's just the game.

HA Tunnel Plus Config files Download (Hat files)

It is very possible, and though some wouldn't believe it, even simple to create an accessible internet config with this HA Tunnel Plus. 

The most important thing for you to understand in this application is the Realm host and how it works. The developer recently updated this feature and moved to a new Realm host.

For the sake of all, we have just decided to share free internet hat files for HA Tunnel Plus so most countries can benefit from these free internet tricks.

Requirements to Download HA Tunnel Plus Config files

New Ha Tunnel Plus Configuration File Download 2024 (Config)

All you need to do is import the config file into the HA Tunnel Plus application. It's pretty simple.

Select the file below that corresponds to your country, then import and browse the internet for free.

We know it's hard to create working files even with a working host. That's why we have decided to accept all hosts from any country to serve you with working files. Submit your active hosts on our Contact Page, and we will create your files and drop it in the Hat Files List.

Download the latest Ha Tunnel Plus Configuration Files, for all countries, in a zip format using this link.

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Eligible Countries For Ha Tunnel Plus

  1. Argentina HAT File (Updated - New Prepago)
  2. Bolivia
  3. Brazil (Vivo, Tim)
  4. Colombia(Tigo, Wom)
  5. Croatia
  6. Egypt (WiFi-WE)
  7. France HAT Files (SFR, Laboste, Reglo)
  8. Germany HAT Files (Aldi-Talk, Rain, Ortel Mobile)
  9. Ghana (MTN, Tigo, Vodacom)
  10. Guatemala
  11. Haiti
  12. India (Jio, Airtel)
  13. Jamaica (Digicel)
  14. Kenya HAT Files (Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom)
  15. Kyrgyzstan
  16. Lesotho Free Internet
  17. Malawi HAT Files (Updated)
  18. Malaysia HAT File (Updated)
  19. Mexico(Telcel, Todo)
  20. Nigeria HAT File (Updated for MTN, Airtel, Smile, Glo, Social, Ntel, Swift)
  21. Peru (Claro)
  22. Philippine HAT File (Updated)
  23. Portugal
  24. Qatar (Ooredoo)
  25. Saudi Arabia HAT File(Updated - New)
  26. South Africa (Zain, MTN, Vodacom, Cell C)
  27. Singapore
  28. Zambia
  29. Zimbabwe
  30. UK
  31. United States (USA)
  32. Vietnam

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