Download Cameroon Penal Code PDF & Criminal Procedure Code

 The Cameroon Penal Code derives from the Cameroon Criminal Procedure Code Act. The Cameroon Penal Code Act and other criminal laws are enacted by the Cameroonian Parliament from time to time.

The latest consolidated version of the code is contained in the Cameroonian Criminal Code described in this article.

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Background of the Penal Code

The Cameroonian Criminal Code has been adapted from different laws in force since its colonial occupation by foreign governments. It also includes the local Common and English laws borrowed from British dependencies.

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Scope of Cameroon's Penal Code

It may be noted that the criminal code in Cameroon does apply uniformly to all people in all regions of the country. 

Download the Cameroon Penal Code PDF and Criminal Procedure Code/Law

  1. Click here to download the up-to-date and complete English version of the Cameroon Penal code.
  2. To download the Cameroon Criminal Procedure Code, follow this direct link for the free PDF.

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