How to Borrow Eneo Prepaid Meter Free Units Before Recharge

Borrowing free electricity units using an ENEO prepaid meter is now possible before you recharge.

The new Eneo prepaid meter has been criticized by Cameroonians, who believe that the meter does not allocate consumers enough time to raise funds to pay their electricity bills, unlike the old postpaid system.

Hence, Eneo has made it possible for prepaid meter users to borrow credit, giving them extra time to raise money.

So when you run out of credit when you have financial issues, you can simply borrow credit for Eneo. The energy company provides 10Kwh of accessible electrical energy units on borrowed terms.

How to Borrow Eneo Prepaid Meter Free Units Before You Recharge?

To borrow units from a prepaid meter, do the following:

  1. Simply dial the code 811 on the keypad of the prepaid meter.
  2. Press the 'enter' or 'OK' button
  3. A total of 10KWH would be automatically loaded into your Eneo prepaid meter.


Hence, you notice that you are running out of energy at midnight; with no funds in your MTN mobile money or Orange account to recharge your prepaid meter, you can simply borrow 10KWH from ENEO.

These units can last a while till you recharge your prepaid ENEO meter. Once you recharge, 10KWH will be deducted from your principal balance.

Recharging Your ENEO Prepaid Meter

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