How to Become a Customs Officer in Cameroon 2024 Concour

 Becoming a Customs officer in Cameroon is a passion for many. Yearly, a custom  Concour launches to provide intake into the demanding field.

What is a Customs officer?

A customs officer in Cameroon regulates and stops the influx of illegal goods from entering or leaving the country. These officers also impose customs duties and collect taxes and where applicable. Customs officers are usually stationed at airports and seaports.

This guide on becoming a customs officer in Cameroon and the requirements or subjects needed to be selected.

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How to Become a Customs officer in Cameroon?

To be a customs officer in Cameroon, do the following:

  1. Assemble or compile the complete application files
  2. Deposit the full files or dossier at a chosen university.
  3. Sit for and pass the Customs officer competitive exam (Concours).

1. Assemble or Compile the Complete Application Files

The complete application files shall be comprised of the following documents:

  • The candidate's individual information sheet duly filled is to be downloaded online.
  • 4 color passport size photographs with the candidate's names at the back.
  • A valid certified copy of the birth certificate of fewer than 6 months.
  • A valid certified copy of the required certificate for the national examination.
  • A Probatoire or GCE O-Level transcript.
  • A Baccalaureate or GCE A-Level transcript.
  • A medical certificate attesting that the person concerned is fit to study medicine.
  • The receipt of payment of 20,000 FCFA as registration fees for the examination.
  • Two duly stamped self-addressed envelopes.

2. Deposit the complete files or dossier at a chosen university

The completed application files shall be deposited at the stipulated collection centers before the latest date of submission of documents.

3. Sit for and pass the Customs competitive exam

Only candidates who register online are eligible to deposit their complete application file shall in the above institutions.

These candidates will then be allowed to write the exam with their national identity card. Also, examination centers shall be created by a press release by the Minister.

Successful candidates are admitted into the public service only after sitting and passing the Customs Concours.

Subjects required to get into the Custom service in Cameroon

No particular courses or subjects are needed for the customs officer job in Cameroon. However, bilingual citizens are favorites to ace the entrance examination.

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