How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Cameroon (Realtor)

 If Cameroon were to go into recession, do you know that the real estate sector would enjoy immunity? It does not matter whether the Cameroonian economy skyrockets or plummets; individuals are always looking for a property to own. 

If you have ever bought or sold a house in Cameroon, you will know how important this job is. The real estate business in Cameroon is a very profitable venture most people do.

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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Cameroon? (Realtor)

Real estate agents are people who guide both agents and brokers through the process of property acquisition. In the course of this guide, we will show you how you can become a real estate agent in Cameroon legally.

Follow these steps below to become a realtor in Cameroon:

1. Do research on the Real Estate Industry in Cameroon

You need to do some basic research and figure out the real estate business's ins and outs first. This would aid you in becoming an agent in the field in the long run.

It would be easy to meet real estate agents or brokers for more insights as you conduct your research. You need to know the pros and cons of becoming a real estate agent. You should also research how Cameroon's economy/standard of living has impacted the real estate market.

As an enthusiast, you should get yourself engrossed with the specifics; the levels of risks, the big-time decision-makers in the business, qualifications, laws guiding operations, and capital required to start.

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2. Get the Required Training to be a Realtor

Having the necessary training from an accredited real estate agent or even an online course in real estate management is the next step to take if you become a successful real estate agent. After such training, you are given a certificate to ensure you earn a valid license to operate legally in Cameroon.

There are few real estate schools in Douala and Yaounde offering programs to help. Aside from the fact that you get to learn how to communicate and convince clients to purchase a property, you might meet other real estate agents and even companies willing to employ you in these schools.

3. Get a Business Plan Ready

If you want to become a successful independent real estate agent in Cameroon, you have to make plans. You would have to detail the goals and targets you want to achieve your goal with a plan.

Your business plan can be amended in the future, so don't get it twisted that there is no going back. It really helps, If you have penned something down. At least a draft of what you tend to achieve in years to come. In my own experience, I call it the "calculator moment." Courtesy of the immense use of calculators to figure out virtual finance matters of your business plan.

4. Register your Real Estate Agency

The Ministry of Small and Medium Size Enterprises is a national body responsible for writing businesses in Cameroon. If you are a licensed real estate agent, you need to get your agency registered as soon as possible to look legit in the eye of the public. No one takes an unregistered company seriously.

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Upon completing your registration with the ministry, you would receive a certification of incorporation. 

5. Create an Online presence

Do you want to show some extra dedication to your craft? Then get an online presence. A website would make do, but an app would be better. This is because an app can get you a lot of user engagement with your customers.

In Cameroon today, there is no denying that real estate agents with an online presence are way ahead of competitors in the business. With an online presence, you can engage more clients and potential customers to your business. Try and create a website to achieve this feat.

6. Have a genuine passion for Real Estate

To become a successful real estate agent, you need to have a passion for housing, architecture, building materials, etc. This would give you a natural edge while relating to your clients. Your love would also reflect in a way that your customers would know that you care about your business.

7. Create a Network of Connections

In Cameroon, every bureaucratic move hinders who you know. Without connections, your real estate business is bound to fail. 

Though, with an online presence, you can scale from that effect. See that you are on good terms with other real estate agents, sales brokers, sellers, buyers, and other involved parties.

8. Get yourself an Office space and Personnel

Following the path to owning a real estate agent means you need some contact information. This information would comprise phone numbers, social media links, emails, and, most importantly, a physical address. 

Sometimes, clients might want to drop by and have a conversation with you. This is where the need for an office suite comes in.

As a side note, the more clients you get, the more the demand for division of labor would be. At this juncture, you would need to hire staff that would ease your work.

9. Advertise your Real Estate Business

Advertising your real estate agency on the right platform can help draw the right audience and customers your real estate business yearns for. But as a must-do, you need to give your business some exposure. Don't hand over the fate of your business to connections or an excellent spot in an exposed site.

Take advantage of what this century has to offer; technology, innovation, and social media. Some advertising options include TV, radio, and newspaper word-of-mouth(the most powerful).

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Go to the footer section and click on 'work with us, or check the contact us page. If you need further clarification about becoming a real estate agent in Cameroon, leave a comment below.

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