Moov Benin Unlimited Data Plans and Code (Internet Bundles) 2024

 Moov Benin has unveiled the latest unlimited internet plans for a fast internet experience. Since its presence in Benin, Moov has continued to gain ground and now offers excellent data services and packages to its customers at unbeatable prices.

Moov Benin Unlimited Data Plans 

The table below lists all the unlimited data plans on the Moov mobile network in Benin :

Cost of Unlimited Internet Plans Moov BeninVolume BonusValidity
15.00015 Go Plus/512kbps30 Days
20.00035 Go Plus/512kbps45 Gb Plus/512kbps30 Days
25.000 FCFA (Unlimited)75 Go Plus/512kbps90 Gb Plus/512kbps30 Days
30.000 FCFA (100 Gb)100 Go Plus/512kpbs110 Gb Plus/512kbps30 Days
50.000 FCFA (Illimité Extra)150 Go Plus/512kbps200 Gb Plus/512kbps30 Days
75.000 FCFA (Comfort)250 Go Plus/512kbps300 Gb Plus/512kbps30 Days

Note: When a subscriber who has purchased an unlimited plan reaches the specified volume, the data plan switches to a speed of 512 kbit/s until the data plan expires.

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Moov Benin Data Plans (Internet Bundles)

The table below lists all the internet bundles on the Moov mobile network in Benin:

Tarif du Forfait Internet Moov Benin en FCFAVolume du DataValiditéCode d’activation
10040 Mb24H*123*1*1*1#
150100 Mb24H*123*1*1*2#
200150 Mb24H*123*1*1*3#
250200 Mb24H*123*1*1*4#
300250 Mb24H*123*1*1*5#
500400 Mb48H*123*1*1*6#
750625 Mb48H*123*1*1*7#
500200 Mb6 Days*123*1*2*1#
1 000500 Mb7 Days*123*1*2*2#
2 0001.5 Gb7 Days*123*1*2*3#
1 000500 Mb15 Days*123*1*3*1#
2 0001 Gb30 Days*123*1*3*2#
2 5001.5 Gb30 Days*123*1*3*3#
4 0003 Gb30 Days*123*1*3*4#
5 0004 Gb30 Days*123*1*3*5#
6 0005 000 Mb30 Days*123*1*3*6#
9 0006.5 Gb30 Days*123*1*3*7#

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