How to Reset or Change Airtel and MTN Mobile Money Pin Code in Zambia

 How to reset or change an Mtn Mobile Money or Airtel Money Pin is one of the most daunting tasks of every mobile money subscriber in Zambia. Every active mobile money account is operational thanks to a 4 or 5 digit number called the pin code. 

A pin code allows you to authorize a cash withdrawal, send money, buy goods and services online, perform a web login), pay electricity or water bills, perform international transfers, amongst others. Airtel Money pin codes are usually made up of 4 digits, while Mtn Mobile Money pin codes comprise 5 digits.

Reasons Why You Should Change or Reset Your Mobile  Money Pin Code

First, we need to be clear on the choice of words here. To change your mobile money pin code implies you are still aware of the secret code and just want to change it for some reason or the other. 

Whereas resetting a pin code is to be performed in circumstances where the mobile money subscriber can no longer remember or has forgotten his or her pin code.

Below are a few reasons why you should do change or reset your mobile money pin:

  • If Your Mobile Money Pin is easy to guess (e.g., 54321 or 4321), you must change it.
  • You may find yourself in a tricky situation where you think your account has been hacked; you should change it.
  • You have to reset your pin in situations where you have completely forgotten your mobile money pin code.

This article will discuss how to change your mobile money pin code with Airtel Zambia and MTN Zambia and how to get a new pin code if you have forgotten your current pin code.  

Note that your pin is essential when it comes to making purchases and transferring money. With the rise in digital shopping in Zambia, using your mobile money account to shop online is an affordable and convenient way to do so.

     How to Reset and Change Your MTN Mobile Money Pin Code in Zambia?

This is usually done when your pin code is not strong enough or in situations where your account might have been compromised or stolen. You should do the following:
  1. Dial the code *303# to get access to the Mtn Mobile Money Menu
  2. Go to My account
  3. Reply by pressing the number 9 that corresponds to the Change pin code and click on send.
  4. Enter your current pin code
  5. Enter the new pin code you wish to use.
  6. Great! You are done. You can now use the new pin code.


  • If you cannot receive an OTP, then call MTN Customer service via 111 or 211. You will be required to provide your correct  Date of birth, Full names, and National Identity Card number before the One-time Password (OTP) will be sent to you via SMS.

How to Reset and Change Your Airtel Money Pin Code in Zambia?

Do the following procedure to reset and change your Airtel Money in Zambia:
  1. Dial the code #185# to access the Airtel Mobile Money Menu
  2. Select 7 to go to Your Airtel Money Account
  3. Select 3, which corresponds to 'pin code forgotten.'
  4. Follow the directives for resetting your pin code. You will receive a one-time password (OTP) via SMS. 
  5. Enter the OTP to reset your pin code.
  6. Now, enter your new pin code after successfully verifying your account.
  7. Great! You are done. The new pin code is now active.


  • If you cannot receive an OTP, you should contact Airtel Zambia customer care via 111.
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 Security Tips For Creating a Strong and Memorable Mobile Pin Code

  • Assign numbers to the letters of the alphabet. Use the first number to match your favorite.
  • Select the first or last letter of your name.
  • The First Digit should match the letter to your name. Assign 1 or 2 digits here (Remember you will need 5 figures for an Mtn Money pin and 4 numbers for an Airtel Money Pin.
  • Second Digit: Select any number from your phone number.
  • Third Digit: choose a number from your date of birth.
  • Fourth Digit: Match the first letter of your best car, animal, or sport to a number and write it out
  • If you are always with your phone, then you can do what works for you.


Pin resets or changes occur daily on the Mtn Zambia or Airtel Networks. Mastering this procedure is key to the smooth running of your mobile money account. We hope you enjoyed the step-by-step guide. Like us on social media and join our free newsletter.
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