PCC Diary: Presbyterian Church in Cameroon Diary 2024 PDF

 The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon diary is the most used bible study tool by PCC faithful Christians in Cameroon and worldwide. 

The PCC diary in PDF format encompasses all relevant scriptures that Christians all over the world must read to draw closer to God.

A Brief History Of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon

It should be noted that the PCC is the largest English-speaking Church in Cameroon. Its headquarters is based in Buea, South West Region. Furthermore, this church is the constitutional and historical successor of the Basel Mission. The Basel Mission was founded in 1886 by the Germans.

The PCC, or Presbyterian church in Cameroon, contributes to providing health and education services in Cameroon. It controls twenty-seven (27) presbyteries, primary & secondary schools, the Cameroon Christian University (CCU), hospitals, and over two million active church members or worshipers.

What is the Mission of the PCC?

The mission of the PCC is to proclaim the Good News of God through Jesus Christ, in word and action. The proclamation of this Good News includes; the preaching of the word, healing, teaching, and liberating the people of God from sin.

PCC Diary: Presbyterian Church in Cameroon Diary 2024 PDF

Download the PCC Diary in PDF format for free using the link below:

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