New Health Personnel and Nursing Concours in Cameroon 2024

   Newly launched health personnel and nursing Concours in Cameroon is usually a subject of discussion after the release of Cameroon GCE board exam results.

Newly Launched Health Personnel and Nursing Concours in Cameroon

The competitive exam to get into the Cameroon medical corps is a dream for most science students who have passed the GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level. If these students pass, they can become health personnel in nursing, dentistry, laboratory sciences, etc. 

Furthermore, direct recruitment into the Cameroon public service is possible.

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Intake of the Cameroon Health Personnel and Nursing National Qualifying Competitive Exam

The national qualifying examination for the admission of 9205 successful students into the first year of nursing, medical laboratory science, the state registered nursing (SRN) pharmaceutical and dentistry studies in medical state universities, and authorized private institutions of higher education have been launched for the academic year 2020/2021. 

This number of places is distributed as follows:

NoMedical SpecialityNo of Places
1Assistant Laboratory Health Technicians.760
2Assistant Health Technicians, Mortuary Attendants.40
3Senior Dental Technicians75
4Senior Physiotherapy Technicians120
5Senior Pharmacy Technicians60
6Senior Sanitary Health Technicians30
7Senior Laboratory Health Technicians720
8Senior Psychomotor and Relaxation therapy Technicians.20
9Senior Radiology and Medical Imagery Technicians.125
10Senior Optometry/Refraction Technicians.25
1Ophthalmic Nurses.30
2Mental Health Nurses30
3Nurses in Anaesthesiology/Reanimation.60
1Nursing Assistants1600
2State Registered Nurses (Senior Nurses)2000
3Community Health Assistants.120

How to Register or Apply For the Nursing and Health Personnel Concours in Cameroon?

Candidates who which to register or apply for the nursing and health personnel training exam in Cameroon must do the following:
  1. Assemble the complete application files as required.
  2. Deposit the complete files or dossier at a chosen center.
  3. Sit for and pass the health personnel competitive exam (Concours).

1. Assemble or Compile the Complete Application Files

The complete application files shall be comprised of the following documents:
  • A filled form to be downloaded from the website site or (MINSANTE Concours website)
  • A stamped application to the  Minister of Public Health, dated and signed by the candidate, and bearing a 1.000 FCFA fiscal stamp. The application shall include The first and surnames of the candidate; complete contact address; The Examination the candidate intends to sit for; The examination center; Selected training schools: candidates must choose two training schools, including one public school and one private school.
  • A certified true copy of the required academic or professional diploma
  • A certified true copy of a birth certificate not older than three months.
  • An attestation of presentation of the original certificate of the required diploma.
  • A certificate of non-conviction of the candidate dated less than three months.
  • A medical certificate attesting that the candidate is physically and mentally able to work.
  • A receipt of payment, worth 10000 FCFA, at the regional chief of service for administrative and financial affairs for all grades.
  •  A certified true copy of the national identity card.
  •  A 4 x 4 passport size photograph; colour.
  • An Authorisation to sit for the exam (only for civil servants)
  • A large envelope bearing a 1000 FCFA stamped and the full address of the candidate.

2. Deposit the complete files or dossier at a chosen center

The completed application files shall be deposited latest 30th September 2021. Complete files must be submitted at the Regional Delegation of Public Health from the official launching date of the examination to the 30th of September 2020. This date is considered the final deadline.

3. Sit for and pass the health personnel competitive exam (Concour)

Only candidates who register online are eligible to deposit their complete application file in the above institutions.

These candidates will then be allowed to write the exam with their national identity card. Furthermore, examination centers shall be created by a press release by the Minister of Higher Education.

Also, note that each candidate should compulsorily sit for the examination in the center attached to the place where he or she submitted the file.
Successful candidates are admitted into the various fields of health personnel in Cameroon only after they have sat and passed the Concours or competitive exam.

Requirements For the National Health Personnel and Nursing Exam or Concours in Cameroon (Eligibility Criteria)

  • For Health Technicians, Nursing care and Midwifery Section: Cameroonians and foreigners of both sexes, aged 18 to 30 years on 1st January.
  • For the Nursing specialties: Cameroonians and foreigners of both sexes, Not older than 40 years on 1st January.
  • Be a State Registered Nursing Certificate holder with at least two years of professional experience in a health facility.

The national qualifying examination for health personnel shall be reserved for holders of the following certificates:

    Candidates for the entrance examination into Nursing Assistants, Community Health Assistants, Assistants Health Technicians, (Medical Analysis and Mortuary Attendants) training schools.
    • Be a BEPC or GCE O-Level (General Education) in 04 subjects or CAP (Home Economics and Médical Secretariat only).
    Candidates for the entrance examination into  Health Technicians in Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Medical Analysis, Sanitary Technicians, Medical Imaging (Radiology), Optometry/Refraction, and Occupational Therapy Training schools.
    • Be a Baccalauréat (C, D, F7 or F8) holder or a GCE A-Level (General Education) in 02 science subjects.
    Candidates for the entrance examination in the training schools of State qualified Nursing and Midwives.
    • Be a holder of a Baccalauréat (C, D, F7 or F8), or a GCE A / L (General Education) in at least 02 subjects.
    Candidates for the entrance examination in the training schools of Nursing Specialized in Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology / Intensive Care, Mental Health, and Gerontology.
    • Hold a State registered Nurse certificate and have at least two years of working experience in a Health facility.
    Note: All documents that do not comply will be rejected.

    How is the Written Entrance Exam For Health Personnel and Nurses Organized in Cameroon?

    The written entrance examination shall consist of the following papers:

    Nursing Assistants, Community Health Assistants, Assistants HeaIth Technicians, and Assistant Health Technicians Attendants:

    • General knowledge.
    • Biology. 
    • Mathematics. 
    • English and French Language. 

    State Registered Nurses in Mental Health, Anaesthesiology/Reanimation, Ophthalmology, and Gerontology:

    • General knowledge.
    • Anatomy and Physiology.
    • Pharmacology.
    • Languages. 
    • Medical and Surgical pathology.

    State Registered Nurses, Midwifery, HeaIth Technicians, (Medical Analysis, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Psychomotor and Relaxation therapy, Radiology and Medical Imagery, Pharmacy, Sanitary Technicians and Optometry/Refraction):

    • Mathematics
    • General knowledge.
    • Biology.
    • Physics
    • Chemistry.
    • Languages.
    The examination question shall be presented in the form of a document. Furthermore, each page will contain multiple-choice (MCQ) or short answer questions. 

    The final results shall be published through a press release by the Minister of Higher Education.

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