All Secret USSD Codes For MTN and Airtel-Tigo Rwanda

Secret cheat shortcodes are extremely cool as they provide additional bonus services to make use of.

The Relevance of USSD Short Codes

Nowadays, USSD codes have become a staple service all cellular network providers provide their user base with. 

It has become so popular that we have taken it for granted because we often feel like the codes have always been there. Although USSD continues to grow, many users do not know or make use of this helpful service. 

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All Secret USSD Codes For MTN and Airtel-Tigo Rwanda

This comprehensive article summarizes the USSD codes and secret codes employed by all networks in Rwanda (MTN, Zamtel, and Airtel).

New MTN Rwanda USSD Codes

MTN Rwanda Product or Service

USSD Codes or Secret Codes

MTN Rwanda Mobile Money Code


MTN Call Bundles or Pack


Check MTN Zambia data bundle balance

*130# (wait for the response message)

Internet Daily Pack or Bundle


Internet Weekly Pack or Bundle


MTN Rwanda Credit Top-up or Recharge


MTN Assurance


MTN Me2U Service


How to check your MTN number in Rwanda


Customer Service Center for MTN Zambia (Toll-free)


How to Borrow airtime or Data on MTN Rwanda


How to check your MTN airtime or credit in Rwanda


New Airtel Rwanda or Airtel-Tigo Rwanda USSD Codes

Airtel-Tigo Rwanda became Airtel Rwanda in 2020 after a successful merger. Airtel or Airtel-Tigo Rwanda Codes enable users to buy data bundles, call customer care, use Airtel Money, check balance, and many more options as follows in the table below:

Airtel Rwanda Product or Service

USSD Codes or Secret Codes

Talk Time or airtime Voucher Top-up


Hello Tunes


Check Talk Time or airtime balance


Customer Portal


How to Check Airtel Rwanda data bundle balance


How to borrow Money on Airtel Rwanda (Airtel Money)


Airtel Rwanda Mobile Money Code


Call me back or Beep me


Self-registration on Airtel Money


How to borrow airtime or talk time on Airtel Rwanda


How to subscribe to airtel Unlimited Bundles


How to check your Airtel Number in Rwanda


Customer Service Center for Airtel Rwanda (Toll-free)


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