Driver's License Suspension And Withdrawal: 8 Reasons Why

 Driver's license suspension and withdrawal occur fairly commonly in Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, the CEMAC zone, the US, India, Europe, and across the world. 

Driver's License Suspension And Withdrawal

A driver's license is revoked, suspended, or withdrawn when the driver of a vehicle fails to respect certain transport laws.

8 Reasons Why Your Driver's License Is Withdrawn or Revoked

A driver's license can be seized by the law enforcement officer in the following 8 circumstances:

  1. Driving while clearly intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol.
  2. Driving while intoxicated as indicated by an alcohol test. A blood alcohol level greater than 0.8g / liter is a cut off threshold.
  3. In the event of a serious or fatal accident;
  4. Refusal to do to blood alcohol checks.
  5. In a hit and run situation.
  6. Refusal to comply, to immobilize his or her vehicle, and to agree to body checks;
  7. Use of false registration plates, and false document declarations;
  8. Traffic obstructions or Traffic Violations.

What Happens After Your Driver's License Is Suspended, Revoked, Or Withdrawn.

  • The enforcement officer sends the competent committee a detailed report of the infringement. 
  • The law enforcement officer issues the offender with a statutory renewable every three months. 
  • This receipt serves as a driving license until the competent committee reaches a final decision. 
  • The license is sent within a fortnight to the Chairman of the driving license withdrawal commission.

8 Reasons Why Your Driver's License Is Suspended

Under the Penal Code of each Member State and the listed road safety regulations applicable to drivers, any driving license may be suspended for a period of up to one year for the following offenses:

  1. Overspeeding on the highway.
  2. Drunk driving as determined by the breathalyzer test for a blood alcohol level greater than 0.8g / liters of blood; 
  3. Accidents involving a hit and run;
  4. Driving without a genuine license
  5. Use of the telephone while driving;;
  6. An unintentional injury or homicide resulting in total incapacity to work for more than 3 months while driving a vehicle
  7. driving when your driver's license is suspended;
  8. Other offenses, not mentioned, resulting in the suspension of the driving license, as well as the duration thereof, are stipulated by the Minister of Transport of the Country or State in which the suspension applies.

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