Price And How To Buy A Laptop Computer RAM In Cameroon

 Low-end laptops are relatively standard in Cameroon because of their affordability, but their RAM (Random Access Memory) is usually small. 

Therefore, an upgrade is an easy, quick way to boost a laptop or computer's performance by speeding up loading times, reducing workloads, and improving system responsiveness.

Even a PC with a super-fast 3.9 GHz i7 10th gen processor will still run apps slowly if the RAM in the PC or Laptop is inadequate.

Shockingly, Cameroonians shop for fast laptops or computers; they only check the processor speed of notebooks, not knowing that RAMs also play a massive role in ensuring that laptops & Computers run at optimum speed.

RAM is a component in your computer that allows for short-term data access for those who do not know. Since your system's regular operations rely on short-term data access, loading applications, browsing the web, or editing a spreadsheet – the amount and speed of memory in your system play a critical role. 

Reasons To Upgrade Your laptop or PC RAM in Cameroon.

  • A RAM Upgrade Makes Multitasking Easy: If you are like us, you use your computer to do many things at once. You could be editing a document while also browsing the web. Memory Upgrade virtually leads to a performance problem: every app you run requires real-time memory and competes for a small pool of resources. You can easily overcome this by installing high-density modules in each memory slot for a seamless multitasking experience.
  • You can Install RAM With Relative Ease (no computer skills required):  With just a screwdriver, your owner's manual, and some minutes, you can install RAM. Nevertheless, suppose you know nothing about computers, and you are not sure which end of a screwdriver to hold. In that case, you can probably still get the memory installed just by watching a couple of Youtube videos on how to do it.

  • Maximize the actual value of your system: At a fraction of the cost of a new computer system, a RAM or memory upgrade is one of the most affordable ways to increase performance. It lets you get more out of your laptop by giving it the resources it needs to perform. For example, when the Lenovo Ideapad laptop is upgraded to 12GB, it becomes a performance beast.

What is the Cost or Price of Computer Or Laptop RAMs in Cameroon?

The price of computer RAMs or replaceable memory in Cameroon depends on the type of RAM (DDR2, DDR3, or DDR4) and RAM Condition ( New or refurbished). Computer RAMs in Cameroon sell from 5000 FCFA to 25000 FCFA depending on the abovementioned reasons.

How To Buy A Laptop Computer RAM In Cameroon

If you are interested in buying RAM for your Computer, PC, or laptop, Do the following:

  1. Note the model and brand of your computer, as we will need this to determine the type of Ram (DDR2, DDR3, or DDR4)

  2. Also, let's know if your computer system is a Desktop or Laptop.
  3. Specify the Brand of the RAM, if any. E.g., Kingston, Crucial, Hynix, etc.
  4. State the amount of Ram you will need. For example, 4GB DDR2, 8GB DDR3, or 16GB DDR4.
  5. Contact us via Whatapp on +14148854450.
  6. We shall respond in less than one business day with the various brands available and the cost and delivery options.

Note: We also offer RAM installation services for people who are not tech-savvy.

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