New MTN Mobile Money Withdraw & Sending Charges Uganda 2024


Latest MTN Mobile Money Withdrawal and Transfer Fees (Rates)

The MTN Mobile Money withdrawal and sending charges in Uganda have since been modified to reflect the recent tax changes. Moreover, some transaction or transfer fees have been reduced.

What is the MTN Money Uganda Service Code?

  • Simply dial the code *165# to access MTN Money in Uganda.

MTN Mobile Money Withdraw and Sending Charges 2024 (MoMo)

The table below shows the new MTN Mobile Money withdrawal charges for Uganda. The MTN Mobile Money Sending Charges for Uganda are summarized in the table below: Make sure you scroll to the right to see all the latest rates.

Amount in UGXSend Money (UGX)Withdrawing Fees in UGXSenkyu PointsTax (UGX)Momo Payments (UGX)
To MTNTo Other NetworksTo the BankTo East AfricaFrom AgentFrom ATMMinMaxTo Azam TV, Ready Pay, School Fees, Solar NowTo UMEME, NWSC, DStv, StarTimes, NSSF, Multiplex
500 2,50030330N/A1,0003306313110190
2,501 5,0001004401,5001,1504401,15081325150600
5,001 15,0003507001,5001,4007001,1501425755501,000
15,001 30,0005008801,5001,6508801,15016751506501,600
30,001 45,0006001,2101,5001,9501,2101,400241502257502,100
45,001 60,0007501,5001,5002,2501,5001,400302253008502,800
60,001 125,0001,0001,9251,5003,2001,9252,150383006259503,700
125,001 250,0001,1003,5752,2505,0003,5754,000706251,2501,0504,150
250,001 500,0001,2507,0004,1009,0507,0006,6501401,2502,5001,3005,300
500,001 1,000,0001,25012,5006,15017,20012,50011,9501502,5005,0003,3506,300
1,000,001 2,000,0001,25015,0009,25033,45015,0003005,00010,0005,7506,300
2,000,001 4,000,0001,25018,00011,30055,90018,00036010,00020,0005,7506,300
4,000,001 5,000,0001,25020,00011,30061,10020,00040020,00035,0005,7506,300

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How To Check MTN MoMo Balance in Uganda?

To check your MTN Mobile Money balance on your phone, do the following:

  1. Dial the USSD code *165#
  2. Select the option corresponding to 'MTN Money Balance.'
  3. Input your correct mobile money pin and validate.
  4. You will receive a mini statement via SMS notifying you of your MTN Money balance.

MTN Mobile Money Services In Uganda

The primary services operated by MTN Money Uganda include the following:

  • Money Transfer (Sending and Receiving)
  • Airtime or Credit Transfer
  • Mobile Banking
  • Pay Utilities (Electricity, Water, School Fees, etc.)

What are the MTN Mobile Money Transfer or Transaction Limits in Uganda?

The MoMo transaction limits in Uganda are as follows:
  • The daily transaction limit is UGX 7,000,000
  • The minimum account balance is UGX 0
  • The maximum account balance an MTN MoMo account in Uganda can have is UGX 15,000,000
  • The minimum transaction amount is UShs 50
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