How To Withdraw Money From Payoneer In Cameroon (Banks)

Payoneer Availability In Cameroon

Payoneer is available In Cameroon, and it is now possible to withdraw money from Payoneer in Cameroon.

Freelancers and anyone who works on the internet will find Payoneer useful because it allows them to send and receive funds without any hassle. 


You may know of PayPal, but it is no match to Payoneer. Paypal allows you to send money to some countries, but you cannot receive foreign clients' money. With Payoneer, you have reliable options to make funds flow in and out of your business.

You are also opening a real foreign bank account by opening a Payoneer account. This foreign bank account is a US Virtual bank account. 

Sounds interesting, right? By this, you can send your Payoneer foreign bank account details if you need to submit a bank account for your foreign clients to pay into. 

Your client does not need to own a Payoneer account, they just send, and you receive. I know you are more interested…

Advantages of Payoneer

You can order and get the Payoneer MasterCard in Cameroon quickly.

Payoneer does not hold your money unnecessarily.

It is possible to withdraw your Payoneer funds from your Cameroonian bank account.

No hidden fees on Payoneer Mastercards

You can sign up for the referral program from Payoneer, which allows you to earn when you refer to others.

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How To Withdraw Money From Payoneer In Cameroon

To receive or withdraw money from your Payoneer account in Cameroon, you can use the Payoneer card in any supported ATM or transfer the funds to your bank account directly.

To Withdraw From Payoneer to Your Bank Account, follow the below steps:

  1. Using the web browser, sign in to your Payoneer Dashboard.
  2. On the desktop version, place your mouse on 'Withdraw' and hover on it. 
  3. On a mobile device, click on the three aligned lines on the left side. Hover on 'Withdraw' and hit 'To Bank Account.' Then click on 'To Bank Account.'
  4. The withdrawal page will be opened. Select the currency you want your money in
  5. After that, input your withdrawal details.
  6. Input the correct details and click 'Review.'
  7. Confirm the data you entered on the 'Review' page
  8. Click 'Submit.' to finalize the withdrawal process.
  9. You will receive your money in your Cameroonian bank account within a few days.

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Best Banks to Withdraw Payoneer Funds in Cameroon

These are the three best banks to withdraw money from a Payoneer Account in Cameroon:

  1. UBA Cameroon
  2. Ecobank Cameroon
  3. Afriland First Bank

1. UBA Cameroon

UBA Cameroon allows you to withdraw your Payoneer funds without stress. After linking your UBA Bank account to Payoneer, you can withdraw easily from your local account. If you have the Payoneer MasterCard, just head to any ATM point and withdraw. Their rates and charges are reasonable too.

2. Ecobank Cameroon

Ecobank is a trendy bank, especially among youths. It is also favorable to internet ventures. After your funds are received in your bank account, get to the bank, and withdraw or do anything you like with it since it is in your account. Ecobank ATMs also accept Payooner cards, so if this is a convenient way, use it.

3. Afriland First Bank

You can also withdraw from your bank account after Payoneer has sent money there. You may also use your Payoneer MasterCard to withdraw from any Afriland First Bank ATM.


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