How To Register At The University Of Bamenda 2024/2025

All students enrolling at the University of Bamenda campus for the first time must register during the new Student Registration period. 

This registration process includes new undergraduate students, Master's and Postgraduate students, and inter-campus transfer students.

Moreover, all returning students not enrolled at the University of Bamenda (UBa) during the previous academic term can register during the new academic year.

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How To Register At The University Of Bamenda As A New or Returning Student? (Complete Procedure)

The registration procedures for new and returning students are as follows:

  1. The registration fee is payable at the faculty or school bank account after presenting an admission letter.
  2. A receipt of payment should be obtained after the procedure and the required photocopies produced.
  3. The registration deadline decreed by the Vice-Chancellor must be respected.
  4. Students must respect the guidelines for verifying receipts at the University of Bamenda.
  5. Students are expected to do compulsory medical examinations on campus. The medical examination shall cost 5000 Francs CFA, and the result shall be sealed. The laboratory investigations and parameters at the Health Centre include: a) Vision, b)Blood pressure, c) Hearing, d)Weight and height, e)Blood sugar, f) Urine analysis, g) Tuberculosis h) Chest X-Ray.
  6. The university provides health insurance for all returning students to fulfill all registration guidelines and procedures: Serious illnesses – 350000 FCFA; Death through illness – 250000 FCFA; Death via accident – 500000 FCFA.
  7. The student must continue with the required and correct documents to the faculty or school for registration. Incomplete records are not acceptable.
  8. Students shall provide the relevant documents in their respective schools or faculties and follow the required guidelines to provide student Identity Cards.
  9. Attendance of the orientation ceremony is obligatory for new students. The respective faculties and schools will publish the orientation schedule at the appointed time.
  10. Students must observe the following registration procedures to start effective classes on the date indicated for the start of the academic calendar.

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