How to Register a .cm Domain Name For as Cheap as 2000 FCFA (Promo)

Registering a .cm Domain Name Cost 2000FCFA Only

The Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Libom Li Likeng Minette, has just launched a campaign to promote the use of the .cm domain name. This domain represents Cameroon.
The promo campaign runs from July 1, 2020, to October 1, 2020. This was announced in a decision signed by the Minister in June 2020.

According to this decision, registration of websites with the .cm domain name will go for 2.000 Francs CFA only during the campaign period.

This decision also states that the sale of Cameroon's domain name will cost just 1.000 Francs CFA.

Furthermore, the document also indicates that reselling the .cm domain name should not exceed 2.000 CFAF per annum.

The official seller of .cm domains is Netcom Sarl. They can be accessed via this link.

What Happened Before This Domain Registration Promotion Campaign

Before this campaign, the .cm domain name was sold at prices as high as 47.000 Francs CFA or even 100.000 FCFA, depending on the domain vendor.

Such high prices made many use free or relatively cheaper domain names for their websites.

The Minister of Post and Telecommunications hopes that by the end of this campaign, many Cameroonians and bloggers should have acquired Cameroon's domain name.

Advantages of Registering a .cm Domain Name

  • A .cm at the end of a website indicates that the site belongs to Cameroon.
  • Moreover, most international investors and clients will prefer engaging in business deals with those whose websites are registered in their country of origin.
  • This further serves in the authenticity of one's website or products.

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