Policeman Dies at Finexs Voyages

 The Finexs Voyages travel agency in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon, has been temporarily shut down following the killing of a young gendarme officer by some toilet attendants of the agency Wednesday, July 22.

The travel agency was sealed, and an investigation was opened by security forces who stormed the place immediately after they were informed about the incident.

All those on the site were arrested, including those involved in the fight, the night personnel of Finex voyage, and the Manager of Finex Voyages Douala. However, he wasn't on the site when the incident occurred.

Policeman Dies at Finexs Voyages

In a statement issued this Friday, July 24, the Chief Executive Officer of Finexs Voyages,  Edmund Felix Etoundi Pierre, extends his entire staff's heartfelt condolences to the forces of defense, the late gendarme's biological family, and to Cameroonians in general hurt by the incident.

He adds that the travel agency is ready to assume its responsibilities and is collaborating with security forces in the investigation that has been opened to track down other persons involved in the fight who vanished before the arrival of the police on the scene.

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