Mi Band 5 Review and Price in Cameroon (Magnetic Charger)

The new member of the world's most popular smart band community has arrived - The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is a significant upgrade over the Mi Band 4. Amazingly, it achieves that while retaining the $26 low starting price in China (14500 Francs CFA in Cameroon) for the non-NFC version and $30 (18000Francs CFA) if you require the NFC function.

The first significant upgrade would be the AMOLED display, which has increased to 1.1" from 0.95". As you will expect, it can be customized with an extensive collection of official and third-party designs. Animated watch face designs are also on the menu.

Secondly, the sensor set remains unchanged - accelerometer, barometer, heart rate monitor, and gyroscope—the rumors of SpO2 tracking ended up false. Moreover, the software has been enhanced, and there are 11 "professional modes," as Xiaomi calls them. They have been fine-tuned and provide some detailed insight and precise tracking. For example, Mi Band 5 can recognize five of the main swimming styles automatically. The band is water-resistant and can be submerged in up to 50 meters of water.

Thirdly, a PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) score is also now on board to give you more insight into how impactful your workout was on your overall well-being and fitness.

Fourthly, heart monitoring has been improved, and it can now detect subtle abnormalities and will notify you - just like the more expensive Apple Watch. Furthermore, the new PPG sensor is 50% more accurate than its predecessor.

Moreover, the Mi Band 5 can now extract all data related to your REM sleep when it comes to sleep tracking. This is a welcome addition.

Noteworthy, an NFC version can also be used for contactless payments. A voice assistant is present, but this is only relevant in mainland china.

With regards to the battery compartment, Xiaomi guarantees 14 days of battery life. Also, the charger has been revamped and now hooks up to the back of the Mi Band 5 via magnets. Hence you don't need to detach the band for charging.

What is the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Price?

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will begin selling on June 18 in China with a CNY 189 price tag for the non-NFC version and CNY 229 for the NFC-enabled one. This translates to 14500 Francs CFA in Cameroon for the base model or 18000 Francs for the NFC Model. In markets like Kenya, the Mi Band 5 should sell for over Ksh 3500 or 35 dollars globally.
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