10 ways to avoid your AdSense Account Getting Banned 2024

AdSense Approval has never been difficult to have. Most times, a well-designed blog, coupled with a few valuable articles, is enough to start earning with Google Adsense. However, the difficulty is protecting your AdSense account from being banned.

Google Adsenes Ban

It is common to have a newly approved AdSense Account banned or suspended for not following the  AdSense policy or due to a lack of knowledge of the proper rules for using AdSense ads. 

It should be noted that a banned or suspended AdSense account is pretty much a dead-end. There is no way to retrieve it. Also, once a website's AdSense account is banned, no new AdSense account is approved again with that website.

This article will focus on why an AdSense account is banned or suspended.

Why is AdSense Account Banned?

Before we get into the various things that can result in a ban, let me educate you on the sorts of cleverness to avoid that will get your hard-earned AdSense account banned. Google has developed over the years and is so bright and intelligent now. Google AdSense now utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) for its advertising analysis. This makes it simple for Google to identify any illegal tricks you use to increase your income.

10 ways to avoid your AdSense Account getting banned or suspended

An AdSense account is usually suspended or banned for the following reasons.

1. Invalid Click

Most AdSense accounts are Banned or Disabled due to Invalid clicks. Thousands of AdSense accounts are disabled every day because of Invalid clicks. Most new AdSense publishers try to increase revenue by clicking on their own ads on their blogs. In this case, many people change their IP address through a VPN and click on their own advertisement. Also, encourage your friends to click on the blog ad. You think AdSense will not understand this, and your income will increase. I caution you that your AdSense account will be banned soon if you do so.

Also, note if any visitor to your blog is clicking on the ad regularly. Because someone may have intentionally clicked on your blog ad in bulk, your AdSense account may have been banned. In many cases, some people do this to violently disable AdSense. If you face such problems, please inform the Google Adsense team via email as soon as possible. Then AdSense will read your email and understand it without banning the account.

2. Invalid Activities

Invalid Activities are another big reason why an AdSense account is banned. There are many things about invalid activities. It will also be considered invalid activities if you repeatedly visit your blog post. 

Also, if you try to increase the pageview automatically using some software, that will be invalid activity. Also, any kind of paid traffic in exchange for paid page impressions will be considered invalid activities.

3. Use of ads in inappropriate places

To increase AdSense CTR, most AdSense publishers cleverly place advertising code on inappropriate content of their content. E.g., placing an ad near the download link and clicking on the link above or downloading the exciting feature. 

By doing this, a reader is wrongly encouraged and clicks on the ad. This increases the number of clicks on AdSense. Google AdSense has declared such Activity completely invalid.

4. Copyright Content

Most of the time, everyone shares a unique article blog before Google Adsense approval. However, after the adoption of AdSense, the content of the blog/website is more focused on income-driven strategies than the importance of blog posts. As a result, he does not write unique articles, copy content from various blogs, and share his blog. As a result, he does not write unique articles and steals posts from multiple blogs.

Prevent your adsense account from getting banned

Doing this, Googlebot quickly identifies copyright content and reports it to AdSense. Moreover, when the actual owner of the copyright content says your blog content to Google, the AdSense team will, at that moment, permanently ban your AdSense account.

5. Unsupported Language

Do not use Adsense in blogs/websites of languages that do not support Google AdSense. There is no problem with language support due to AdSense support in almost all languages. However, if blogging in another language, you should check if your desired language supports AdSense. Moreover, it has become unnecessary as it requires every blog to be approved for AdSense usage.

6. AdSense code Change

The code that Google AdSense offers for advertising shows can never be changed. Because changing the AdSense code is utterly contrary to the AdSense rules. Some people convert the AdSense code and change the ad design. Be aware that Google will ban your AdSense account at any time if you do so.

7. Usage of Ads from other Ad Networks

Google Adsense does not entirely prohibit the use of other advertisements in articles where its ads have already been placed. However, they say that some advertising companies are not standardized. AdSense does not support using them. Your AdSense account may be banned anytime you use Adsense and other Ad network advertising blogs.

8. Insufficient content

The Google AdSense ad usage policy allows you to use as many ads as you want on your blog. At the same time, Google Adsense Team has made it clear that the ads in your blog should not be higher than the content. Because of this, many AdSense accounts are banned as more ads are used in less content.

9. Illegal content

As you may have noticed a little better, you can see that there are many good movie-sharing sites online that are very popular and have a lot of visitors to their blogs. However, there are no AdSense ads on that website. In addition to copyrights, there are many other types of illegal content that Google never approves of sharing online. 

AdSense account may be banned if any such illegal content is used after approval of AdSense on the website. This is because such sites are illegally shared without the permission of the movie owner. As a result, Google does not allow AdSense for this.

Illegal content includes the following:

  • Pornography and Adult Content.
  • Vengeance issues.
  • Racial Obstruction.
  • Promotion of drugs and alcohol.
  • Hacking and cracking.
  • Gambling and gambling quarters.
  • Child Hazardous Content
  • Weapons and Weapons.
  • Student learning is wrong.
  • Apartheid.

10. Miscellaneous Reasons which can contribute to Getting a Banned AdSense Account

In addition to the above, you must be more careful when using AdSense. Adherence to all the AdSense rules and regulations is a must. Your AdSense account may be banned for the following reasons, excluding the above:

Ad code placement on unapproved blogs.
Use of AdSense for Blog / Website Popup
Use Sticky ads in the sidebar or elsewhere.
Advertisements are used on login pages, welcome pages, or 404 error pages.
Using ads on a previously banned blog.

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